A community of women stepping into their own magnificence.



When you join this supportive community, designed to nurture your unique personal development, you will...

Tap into your inner happiness

Rejuvenate your body and mind

Gain clarity on what truly matters to you

Enjoy more energy and enthusiasm

Easily create and retain new habits

Increase your excitement for life

Be more confident and decisive

Make like-minded friends


Adele is inspiring, passionate extremely professional and knowledgable and is helping me change my life! I’ve had various counselling in the past, but nothing life changing, but Adele literally got to the root of the issue within 2 hours! She’s made me feel so positive about my future self.


I have a new found motivation, personal self belief, and all the right tools to be kind to my body, mind and soul.


"When I first spoke to Adele I had reached a point where anxiety had affected every aspect of my life. I had somehow lost myself amidst it all and I won’t lie, I couldn’t even process one thought without a potential panic attack looming. Did Adele fix that? No. Even better! She taught and equipped me with the tools to do so. A dramatic positive change has happened... again, in every aspect of my life.

Since working with Adele, almost like a domino effect, the clarity began to open doors. I feel, not just like my old self, but better and most importantly, I have learned how to be kinder to myself. I am forever grateful. It is possibly the best investment I have ever made in my life"


I feel beyond touched by somebody who will help another person to have longevity, wellness, live without pain or suffering, think of new ways to think about yourself and others….. to just be joyous and free. I love it.


Though I have been coaching for years, training with AM takes me to another level, through her impressive knowledge and experience, her capacity to train us with genuine caring, powerful motivation and a burning desire to make the world a better place. She inspires me every time.


“If you give a determined person structured guidance, support and accountability they WILL find their way to achieving their dreams. Yet that same person will likely flounder and fail if left to their own resources.”

- Adele-Marie

Where other personal development programmes and therapies end, leaving you to make your own way, Chrysalis Club steps in as your biggest supporter and champion!
I provide all the teachings, tools and techniques you need, in an engaging community environment that’s fun, interactive and mentally dynamic.
Chrysalis Club is the place you can regularly plug-in to get your fix of positivity, inspiration, and motivation to keep you moving in the direction of your dreams!

Chrysalis Club is a monthly membership programme where you get the benefit of having your very own life coach

- but for a fraction of the price!

It’s my dream to serve you on an ongoing basis, to help you step into your own magnificence, achieve the life of your dreams and truly THRIVE.

With Chrysalis Club you will experience:


I pass on a lifetime's worth of coaching tools and techniques in this programme. You’ll also get the expertise and knowledge of leading health and wellbeing professionals via guest speakers.


We can get so much further in life with the right support around us. Enjoy connecting with like minded women sharing the same journey. We always positively inspire each other.



Motivation is a very individual thing. Understanding what motivates us as individuals can be the key factor of success. Together, we’ll discover what works best for you.



We can’t always rely on ourselves, our family, or our friends to be accountable to. Having external resources will enable you to really be the best that you can possibly be.


Actionable Steps

If you are willing to take the necessary action to lead you to where you want to be in life, I will give you all the support you need and give you bite-sized steps to achieve your dreams.


Exclusive bonuses

Chrysalis Club members will be given access to exclusive bonus content, gifts and access to fantastic guest speakers - at no extra cost. You will also receive invitations to events hosted at my Bedfordshire (UK) retreat venue such (such as my annual Garden Party) 


Created by Adele-Marie Hartshorn

- Personal Development & Anxiety-Release Specialist

"Chrysalis Club was created out of the love I have for the ladies whom I have worked with to create happier, healthier lives for themselves.


I believe passionately in helping others improve their lives and I do this with as much fun and humour as possible!
My aim is to help as many people as I can to learn how to truly love themselves on a level where they not only take care of their own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing but they have fun, stay connected and really STAND IN THEIR OWN MAGNIFICENCE!


I am a fully qualified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, yoga teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist and creator of the Anxiety Release Method and I have studied many aspects of personal development for the past 20 years".

Are you ready to experience true transformation?




Each and every month as a Chrysalis Club member you will enjoy:

A live 60-90-minutes coaching masterclass with workbook and Q&A.
This virtual group coaching session each month that will keep you moving towards your goals and will give you access to me for a monthly Q&A. We'll cover topics such as health & nutrition, positive thinking, self-belief, motivation, accountability, taking consistent action and setting healthy boundaries.
The masterclass will be held on the second Tuesday of every month.
A recording of each session will be made available to you. 
2 x LIVE guided meditations
Join me and your fellow Chrysalis Club members in 2 monthly virtual guided mediations. Coming together in real time is a super powerful way to experience meditation. Each month we shall join together for one live morning meditation and one live evening meditation.
Our morning meditation will take place at 6.30am on every third Thursday of the month.
Our evening meditation will take place at 8pm on every last Thursday of the month.
Recordings of the meditations will be made available to you to download and keep for life. 

Hypnotherapy session

Hypnotherapy is very powerful transformative tool. As a trained clinical hypnotherapist, I'm thrilled to offer Chrysalis Club a monthly hypnotherapy audio, recorded especially for my members. Download and keep each hypnotherapy and listen to them whenever you need a boost. 

Online community

A private and supportive virtual space with like-minded women who are always available to hold each other up and share in other's successes. The Chrysalis Club community space will allow you to participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

Exclusive bonuses

I am with you at every step of this journey and will do my best to support you. Bonus content will include guest speakers, carefully selected by my, exclusive gifts/perks and invitations to in-person workshops and events at my Bedfordshire (UK) luxury retreat venue.

Chrysalis Club monthly membership 

This package is worth £999 and is available to you for just £27 a month!


Real transformation begins here.


Who can join Chrysalis Club? 

Chrysalis Club is not for everyone.
I have strived to create something very special that I want to protect for us all.
To retain the quality of this committed, positive community, I am very selective about who I allow to join. I ask each and every applicant to self-certify that this is right for both yourself, and the club.
And then I ask that you take The Pledge that you will live by from the day you join us, through your future.


The Chrysalis Club Pledge:


I am ready for change.

I am ready to put myself first.

I am open to trying new ways of thinking.

I will invest time in myself in myself.

Good to know...


Our live coaching sessions with Q&A will takes place via Zoom on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Membership costs £27.00 per month.


Membership includes all guest speakers and trainers.


Members get priority access to all future products, workshops, events, retreats etc.

 Join me in Chrysalis Club 


Chrysalis Club - Monthly Membership

£27.00 GBP every month
Chrysalis Club - 6 Month Subscription

£150.00 GBP every 6 months

To purchase Chrysalis Club as a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION for someone else, please click here. 


All additional queries and membership questions can be sent to [email protected]


 Join me in Chrysalis Club 


Chrysalis Club - Monthly Membership

£27.00 GBP every month
Chrysalis Club - 6 Month Subscription

£150.00 GBP every 6 months

To purchase Chrysalis Club as a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION for someone else, please click here.