28-Day Detox Programme

This is no regular detox. Turn negative eating habits into positive energy. Includes daily motivational videos.


Transform4ExamLife Programme

Learn to relieve stress and anxiety to pass exams with ease by using powerful tools used by experts worldwide..


Permanent Weight Loss by Adele-Marie Hartshorn

Get your digital copy of my highly-praised book: Permanent Weight Loss. Start your weight loss journey today.


For over twenty years I have personally detoxed at least once a year using my own detox method. So many of my friends, family and clients enquired about the details of my wonder detox (honestly, you’ll feel amazing!) that I decided to create my own online detox programme.

The 28-day Detox Programme is a fully online system designed to not only deliver healthy recipes and yoga classes, but also daily wellness videos through which I teach practical advice and coaching tips to enable you to live a more fulfilled life. You’re going to love it! 

The Transform4ExamLife programme is a programme I’m super passionate about, having seen my own teen daughter struggle with stress and anxiety during her GCSEs. Exams are a stressful time, but there’s no reason why anxiety over exam results should impede your results. The online programme, curated by me, is developed specially to meet the growing need for anxiety-based courses for teenagers, pre-teens and anyone in higher education or who suffers from anxiety or stress during exams. This programme is easy to follow and teaches lifelong tools that can be used for life.

My Permanent Weight Loss book is my first published book and is a downloadable as an eBook via this website and on Amazon. I wrote this book after seeing my own mother struggle with her weight my whole life (she was the first peron in the UK to have her stomach stapled!). This book is written to change the way you think about food. Drawing from my own personal experiences and years of teaching people how to overcome addiction to food or unhealthy habits, this no-nonsense book will completely change the way you see food and strengthen your mind/body connection for life.