The holistic and science-backed system to build mental & emotional resilience


The holistic and science-backed system to build mental & emotional resilience


Employee mental health and emotional wellbeing is integral to any successful business strategy - and PPP is pathing the way


7-week self-study course with LIVE weekly calls

and Q&A



What is the Proven Productivity Protocol?


The Proven Productivity Protocol (or ‘PPP’) is a sustainable coaching programme designed by leading anxiety specialist and clinical hypnotherapist Adele-Marie Hartshorn to build employee mental and emotional resilience.

This premium self-study programme is an effective, sustainable empowerment tool that is proven to increase motivation and productivity whilst reducing absenteeism and burnout.

PPP combines six core state-changing coaching models which support employees to become more aligned and able to communicate more effectively and confidently using a combination of bite-sized video-based training, worksheets, meditations, visualisations and hypnotherapy.

Each session is designed to inspire without overwhelm, with each module taking a maximum of 30-minutes to complete.

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Who is PPP training for and how can it be delivered?

The Proven Productivity Protocol can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world, with sessions held in a central online learning portal with individual login details.

The programme is suitable for individuals, small groups and larger teams, whether your employees are office based, work remotely or a combination. PPP is a fully flexible system created to be completed to your employees own timetable.

"Quality performance starts by addressing our emotional state and taking action upon it. It's vital conversations about wellbeing become part of everyday workplace culture.


Employee wellbeing is no longer a benefit, it's a necessity" - Adele Hartshorn

How does the 7-week Proven Productivity Protocol training work?

PPP uses a combination of live training and online mirco-learning modules to facilitate both a shift in culture and transformational tools that can be used for a lifetime


A look into our LIVE 7-week training schedule:

Each week will include a 1-hr live session with Adele Hartshorn.
A recording of each session will be made available in the learning portal after each live. All content in the learning portal (hub) can be accessed and replayed at anytime and with access for a minimum of 12 months.
The live sessions will be supported with worksheets, meditations and hypnotherapy recordings.


Week 1: Reverence – The Ultimate M.I.N.D Method

Ensuring that your employees and colleagues are connected to themselves impacts every other area of their health, energy, wellbeing and lives - which of course impacts their performance in the workplace. This module will teach more than mindfulness, enabling your team to create daily rituals that will serve them and your company for many years to come.


Week 2: Resilience - The Conscious Resilience Resolution

A powerful module designed to generate a deeper understanding of resilience, enabling each participant to model what creates a resilient individual and how to bring that resilience into both leadership and teams.


Week 3: Resources – The M.A.G.I.C MOTIVATIONAL MODULE

Get the most from your team. This module looks at improving motivational levels within the workplace to have a huge impact on the levels of work that is produced. Motivation needs to be consistent to have the best and biggest impact.  How different would your company look if your team was empowered with tools to create their own motivation?


Week 4: Relate – The Powerful Persuasive People Process

A successful team is a team that knows how to communicate effectively and efficiently.

The module will empower your staff to understand more about language patterns, communication styes, personality types, conflict resolution and team building, a super powerful coaching model designed to bring out the best in your tribe.


Week 5: Relief – The simple S.T.A.S.I.S SOLUTION

Your workforce needs tried and tested holistic methods to manage their stress, as we know stress impacts levels of productivity and stress is one of the biggest causes of illness and absenteeism in the workplace. This module teaches your team and its leaders how to manage their own stress which will have a direct impact on not only their productivity but also those who they work with, whilst creating a more harmonious environment.


Week 6: Realisation

Without knowing where you are going both individually and collectively you will remain stuck and stagnent.  With these powerful tools which enable you to create your present moment based on visions and desire of the future.  Using cutting edge techniques, we will support your team in making dreams become reality.


Week 7: Final Q&A

Your time to reflect on the 7-week journey and have a live Q&A session with Adele-Marie.

"My background is HR and I have led and mentored global teams for years, I have never experienced someone as effective as Adele, she has the entire 360 when it comes to business acumen, unlocking potential and truly supporting you find your true self either and an entrepreneur, business owner, employee or leader. If you get the opportunity to work with Adele, consider it not only and investment but also a privilege."
- Amber Burns, CEO White Wolf Recruitment

Why do we need resilience training?


Resilience enables you to bounce back from shock trauma or distress in the fastest time possible with little or no effects to the creative and productive output in your life.

Having resilience right now is more important than ever if you want to make sure that you/your company stay productive and efficient in working to be the best of your ability.

Humans are holistic beings, so when assisting my clients in building mental and emotional resilience, it’s important to take this into account.

When your team is empowered with resilience tools that boost motivation and confidence...

Productivity increases

Job satisfaction rate increases

Stress reduces

Absenteeism decreases

"I recently attended two workshops - The Powerful / Persuasive People Process & Reverence - The Ultimate MIND Method. 

Adele delivers the workshop content with amazing passion and clarity. She quite obviously has huge experience in this sector and I came away with a range of skills and techniques that I have already adopted, and I am now putting in to operation both inside and outside my corporate world. 

I would highly recommend Adele both for 121 sessions and her workshops . Both formats will have a positive impact on you and make you rethink how you look after yourself and how you interact with others".

- Jeremy Mitchell, Account Director Howden Group Holdings

PPP training is right for your team if:


Communications are not flowing as good as they could be

Energy/morale is low and productivity/concentration is affected

With the impact of COVID-19 and the global pandemic, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has been pushed to the forefront of many workplaces, due to the increased demands put upon the workforce as they juggle the demands of work life and home life, with the boundaries between the two often becoming blurred.

PPP aims to arm employees with the tools they can use in both workplace and everyday to be more resilient and empowered. PPP is a powerful proven coaching model to help employees avoid burnout and recognise key triggers and how to work more effectively alone and as a team.


 Why now?


7 million prescriptions were given out in 2019 alone for anxiety and depression symptoms.

4 billion GBP is lost every year due to unresolved stress, anxiety and depression.

Never has mental and emotional well-being, been talked about like it is right now.

We are collectively going through somethings that has never been experienced in our life time. Every business has unique needs and requirements, whether it is a stand-alone workshop/webinar or a series of motivational engagements, I can create the ideal programme tailored to your individual needs. 

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