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The way that I treat anxiety is totally holistic. I look at many contributing factors in my clients and teach my ARM (Anxiety Release Method) practitioners to do the same.  Anxiety can be caused and impacted by so many different factors that I think it is ignorant  for us as therapists, to presume that anxiety just comes from childhood trauma or low self esteem.  Anxiety can be bought on by a variety of situations and and there is a variety of techniques that I use to help my clients and the clients of the practitioners that I train.


Many people totally overlook the impact that lifestyle has on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Lifestyle is absolutely imperative, when it comes to long lasting positive results with anxiety and depression.

I often ask my clients to create a food and movement diary, when I first start to see them.  This works as a super helpful tool to help me to understand what they are doing on a day to day basis, it also gives the client awareness around how they are feeding and nourishing their bodies AND their minds.

Everything that we eat and drink has a chemical reaction in our bodies and if you’re sensitive to these reactions it could make you an ideal candidate for anxiety to be triggered or exasperated within your body/mind.

If you are someone with low self esteem then the chances are, you are not feeding yourself in the best way for your body and mind to heal.  You would potentially eat junk food, not be exercising and getting yourself into an unhealthy cycle when it comes to feeding yourself.

Both foods and negative thinking causes inflammation of the cells in the body, this totally affects your mood and before you know it there is an uncomfortable problem that could have been avoided.

I know this from personal experience, let me tell you; If I didn’t exercise daily, do Yoga, meditate, Juice, eat well and set myself clear goals I also end up feeling anxious.  Just for this blog I am solely focusing on what we consume internally.

Here is some helpful tips which can help you to take good care of yourself especially if you're struggling with your mental wellbeing;

Things to avoid;





Over use of antibiotics

Processed foods

Too much bread - slows you down and makes you feel lethargic


Things to implement;

Stay hydrated - 2 litres of water daily

Variety of nuts - brazils and cashews especially

Oily fish


Vegetables and fruit

Dark chocolate - natural sugar based

Tumeric - you need to have black pepper to allow this to be absorbed into your body 

Camomile - good to help with anti-inflammatory and sleep



Good fats - avocado and olive oil

CELERY JUICE - first thing on an empty stomach, this is another level of amazing to help to reduce inflammation, support the adrenals and so much more



Vitamin D - especially in the UK we don’t get enough sunshine

Vitamin C

Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Vitamin B complex- really great for a stressed body and mind - makes you wee yellow by the way

Magnesium - Directly linked to anxiety and depression 


Many people have had good results with St John wart and 5 HTP

(Please consult a qualified consultant or at least do your own research before taking a new regime. This information that I a sharing is a basic simplified extract of nutritional health.  You need to listen to your body `and always be kind to yourself)


When you start to create new chemical compounds in your body/mind it can literally be a life saver.  So many people are unnecessarily medicated.  If you are struggling then please do consider how you are feeding and nourishing your body as this DOES have a direct link to how your mind processes information and creates the way that you feel! 

I hope that this helps you

if you are struggling and you would like some help then please get in touch 

Either myself or one of my practitioners would be happy to serve you

love and light






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