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Meaning Making Machines


We are meaning making machines! What is a meaning making machine, I hear you ask?

Your wonderful brain is always looking for information, finding the answers to your questions.


When you were in your formative years, you soaked up everything that you’re told, well most things anyway. Especially, if we are being influenced by the people that we love the most. You  were like little sponges. Soaking up all new knowledge and it be imprinted into your mind.

Great stuff when you are learning how to tie  your shoe laces or make your own bed, yet not so grand when you are listening to your auntie telling her friend that your sister is the clever one or you your brother tell you that you’re hopeless! Bloody charming, I know!


What your curious, meaning making brain will do is create a meaning for you, depending on what you were listening to. So, an example maybe:

I am stupid

I am not good enough

I am unlovable

I don’t deserve it

I am not safe

I am unworthy!


Again, sound familiar?

Once the meaning has been made. Your wonderful brain will constantly look for evidence to make your meaning the TRUTH. Your truth. During the course of each day, you will be subconsciously finding things to make your new meaning the right one. The thing is, unless you’ve done some serious self-development, you will have no idea that you’re doing this every single day of your life. You get really good at it and create super strong neurological pathways that can fire off instantaneously when something takes you, unconsciously, right back to that time when…

This eventually compounds and if it goes unnoticed and unresolved, your body can create symptoms, just to let you know that you have some unresolved shiz going on, that needs addressing.

These symptoms can show themselves as; stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and more. This is because these unhelpful meanings are showing up every single day.


Here is the thing….You are meant for greatness, you are a wonderful spiritual being, you are here to have a fantastic, fulfilled and inspired life, but if your meanings that you made are super unhelpful  that is not happening!

Often, new people in your life can crop up and mirror the messages that you’ve been harbouring for years and before you know it you’ve been triggered and you think that they are some unhelpful person with negative intentions for you, when it simply could have been a friend being super honest with you about a girlfriend choice and you jump straight down the rabbit hole of what your wonderful ‘meaning making machine’ created for you.  Does that make sense?


You know what?

It can be a bloody nightmare if you don’t have awareness around this. However, when you do, you can recognise the pattern and look from a more objective view point and say “hey, this isn’t what I am looking for, this isn’t what I want to feel, I am not attaching this meaning to this”

And there you go – freedom!


I am going to leave you with this;

Become very aware of how you react when someone says something to you, or behaves in a way that isn’t pleasing,

Check in for any current meanings that you think that you carry from the past and choose to recreate something more resourceful

Know that;

  1. You are good enough
  2. You are lovable
  3. You do deserve the best
  4. You are worthy
  5. You’re amazing and you were made in the image of god, as is everything on the planet and wow, isn’t this planet a whole other level of epic!


Love and light




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