Grounding A Busy Mind

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2021

Are you an over-thinker?

Does your mind run 1 million miles an hour?

Do you find that you’ve had moments of self-doubt which lead to anxiety?

Does your mind jump from thought to thought, ruminating over imaginary scenarios and events?

I am going to share some powerful tools to help you to stay grounded and help you to stay calm, focused and aligned.


When you are grounded you are more able to catch negative thoughts before they run riot with your emotions. Sound good? Yes! Bring it on..


For me, staying grounded is something that comes from daily practices. If you have a flighty mind, like me, then these daily practices make such a difference.


Many people are led to believe that they don’t have control of their own thoughts and feelings. Many believe that overthinking, anxiety and panic should be treated by a quick-fix magic pill which can have nasty side-effects. The truth is that YOU and your awesome body and mind have got the power to overcome flighty thoughts. You can stay grounded…come on! YOU CAN DO IT and here’s how..


Meditate – I know I sound like a broken record, but I just don’t care! If you’re not on it then you’re missing a trick. It HAS to be consistent, even 5 minutes every single day, but you need to be consistent. Just like going to the gym - you cant expect to stay fit if you just do it once a month. This leads me nicely onto…

Exercise – preferably in nature. Run, walk, hike, whatever suits you. Move your body and again, do it daily.

Breathe – Yoga works and there is massive emphasis on breath work. This can help you to stay grounded and it will teach your mind to stay focused and present.

Get your shoes off - Stand on the grass with no shoes on - even if it is raining. Walking in bare feet is something that I've always done and I love it. Connect with Mother Earth and ground your energy.

Stop doing and just BE! – You may have heard me say this before but you simply have to stop and BE sometimes. Everything happens in divine timing, it is so important that you stop and take a breath.

Full spectrum hemp oil - I have recently discovered an oil that’s different to CBD oils in many ways. It is really helping my thoughts to slow down and enabling me to stay even more grounded. Drop me a DM to find out more..


Do you have any practices that help you to stay steady and grounded? I would love to know..


Love and light,




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