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Can resilience be learned and mastered, or is it just the luck of the draw whether you are deemed a resilient person or not? 

Great question, don’t you think?

One of the things that we really need in these difficult, uncertain and unchartered times is resilience. Resilience is simply the ability to recover from a traumatic or disturbing experience as quickly as possible. So, what makes some of us more resilient than others? How is it that some people appear to bear the brunt of endless trauma, but are still standing – often still left with a smile on their face - while others crumble?

 It all starts with resilience mindset. 

 I have created a system - THE CONSCIOUS RESILIENCE CREATOR - which I am teaching my Anxiety Release Method™ practitioners. The system is designed for us in the wellness industry to support our clients when they need it most, so that anxiety doesn’t become part of their everyday lives. If you or anyone that you know is struggling right now, and feeling the overwhelm of the current situation, then this system will help you.

 I am going to give you an insight of that system by sharing the 7 C’s which are included in The Conscious Resilience Creator:

Comprehension - Being aware of what is going on inside of our body/mind. This will help you to recognise stress as soon as it arrives and enables you to understand quickly what is going on. The stronger your brain-body connection, the more rapidly you will be able to take responsibility for your emotional state and therefore your actions.

Control - It is necessary to fully understand on a deeper level what we can and can’t control. Knowing exactly what to focus on will enable the faster development of resilience in all areas of your life.

Challenge – This teaches how to reframe problems, and enables your mind to develop problem-solving skills so that you can grow from each experience - rather than seeing it as a negative experience.

Connect - Connection is one of the basic human needs and is super important, we need to connect to others and ourselves. One thing you can do to build resilience is to connect to others. We may not be able to connect in person right now, but we can always find a way. 

One way of connecting to yourself is through meditation. If you don’t do it yet - start. Believe me, it’s a game changer and should be in the national curriculum to learn from a young age. 

Confidence - This is all about having a positive view point and self-belief. One of the best ways to continue to grow, develop more inner confidence and self-belief is to constantly question you own beliefs and ask: “does this belief serve me”?

Contribution - When we can find it in ourselves to serve others, we naturally build our own resilience, immunity and self-worth. Work out who and how you can help right now, even if it’s just a friendly text or a call to somebody to check that they’re ok.

Celebrate - You have got to find a way of celebrating your successes - no matter how small they are. Write down all the small things that you achieve every day and take a moment to acknowledge how well you’ve done and think who can you share them with?


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