The Power of Sound Healing.

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2021

Sound healing is an ancient form of vibrational healing that is more mainstream than ever before, and I say YES to this! Whilst sound healing is coming to the forefront of our lives in the ‘health and healing’ industries, sound therapies go back as far as 40,000 years and are traced back to indigenous tribes through practicing chanting, Tibetan healing bowls, didgeridoos, chimes and more.  I believe that our ancestors knew so much more than us about non-invasive healing methodologies. The more holistic healing tools that we can adapt into our lives to help to prevent and heal mental, emotional, and physical stress the better!


Every single thing, including ourselves, has a vibrational frequency, therefore when we listen to a sound (or music) it impacts how our cells vibrate. I think we would all agree that sounds and music have the ability to change our ‘state’, this includes mental, emotional and physical states.  


Some of the benefits of sound healing include;


Boosting general health and wellbeing - Whilst sound healing can seem a little off the wall and ‘woo woo', research is already telling us that it can help with things like blood pressure, sleep issues, cholesterol, chronic pain and heart disease.


Supports mental and emotional health - Sound healing reduces stress in the mind and body and calms the feeling of overwhelm, which many of us are experiencing in today’s society.  It helps with relaxation, switching off and enables a sense of calmness and reconnection with self and others.


It’s super relaxing - Many people find it really challenging to switch off and relax which leads to burnout and ill health. Sound healing enables a quick route to total relaxation and gives your brain and body the rest it really needs.


It clears energetic blockages - Energy gets stuck around our body and when we release those blockages we are enabling healing to happen. When healing happens symptoms go away, we think more clearly, we process our thoughts, understand our feelings and maintain a spiritual connection. When healing happens we often feel elated, a tingling sensation, dizzy, we may even release tears from the body. 


Each experience is different and unique, you owe it to yourself!


Sound Bath Healer Helen @soundbathinthewood says;

All humans have a resonant frequency, usually between 8-10 hz, the same as planet Earth. Sound has the power to not only be heard but to be felt and travels through every single cell of the body resetting anything not resonating correctly. Sound also has the power to alter your brain wave state to theta which is a true meditative state where healing, trauma release and revelations can occur.’


AMEN to that…what is not to love?!


Love & light,




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