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Why trusting yourself is more important now than ever before - not only for your personal resilience but for your mental, physical and emotional health !

Let me tell you how much of a miracle you are;

You have 50 trillion cells in your body at any one time, now, I don’t know what 50 trillion of anything looks like, but, to be honest but its a pretty big bunch of awesomeness!

Right now, in this 1 second, 30 million cells have just died and then the same amount have just taken their place!

Each and every single cell has an electric voltage right in it… add them up and we are just filled with electrical energy that is literally miraculous and as powerful as lightening striking...

 Each and every cell is created and is imprinted with out thoughts, our feelings, our belief systems, experiences, what we eat, how we exercise and our sleep patterns

Our wellbeing is hinged on our inner technology and not anything external to us, yet, right now we are being conditioned to believe something very different. We are being conditioned to believe that something outside of us, is more responsible for our health and well-being than we are. That to me makes no logical sense.  Who else could care more for your health, than YOU?

This, for anybody who understands about  true health and vitality and especially about cellular renewal and the mind body connection, is becoming increasingly disconcerting.

Most of us understand that stress is the worst thing for our immune system yet it seems that the world leaders and media, aren’t concerned that they are constantly feeding the populations with negativity and stress inducing content.

So, What is absolutely  vital right now is your ability to stay connected to who you really are!

It is necessary for your own life, to stay focused on your health, your ability to stay calm and relaxed no matter what is going on outside of you.

We can not change the world around us, we can not change what is going on globally, or nationally but we can change how we are responding to that and how we perceive the world around us, is how we navigate our own physical, mental and emotional health.

So if Stress is the worst thing for your immune system, isn't the priority right now to create harmony and inner peace for yourself so you can manage that shiz?

Let me remind you;

You really are a miraculous being!!

We, as a community, need to realise what our capabilities are and we need to know who we are, so that nothing can get in the way of us living a full productive and healthy life, where we can contribute to the greater good of the planet!

It is important for you to now commit to creating the best all round resilience for yourself so that you can easily withstand the winds of change, as ultimately, we are all going though a huge paradigm shift, a massive global transformation.

Let me just reassure you that this isn’t to be feared, although with all of the uncertainty, it is easy to lose sight of that.  This is to be welcomed, as, when you really get honest with yourself you will admit that so many of the old systems have not been working for some time.

It is time to update.

It is time to evolve.

We are living through extraordinarily, exciting times and as long as you keep yourself steady and grounded then this really can be transformational BUT you have got to do the work.

You have got to become certain in who you really are and what you stand for!

In this moment when you have absolute clarity who you are and you fully accept and love you just for being this wonderful walking miracle, who has the potential for so much, Anxiety will vanish! Yep as simple as that it will be gone, in this very moment, simply because you have that power...

Here are a few tools to help you along with that journey:

  • Meditation
  • Conscious Breathing / Breath-work
  • Exercise- get your heart pumping
  • Uplifting people - stay away from the negative Nancy's!
  • Prayer - connect to your source, whatever you believe in
  • Clean Organic food- reduce/cut out meat/sugar/processed food… I have an amazing on-line detox programme if you want some guidance here
  • Turn off the news - watch positive TV or informative documentaries
  • Work on your own personal development - daily - there are limitless books- if you need suggestions let me know!
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Create Positive affirmations for yourself
  • Choose Peace - you will need to practice this often to offload this onslaught of negativity that the media are pushing onto you
  • Get out in nature - she is wonderfully healing!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the points that I mention here then please drop me a message!

Remember your greatness

Only Love and only Light 

Adele-Marie xx


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