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Transformational Coach, Public Speaker and Author

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Adele-Marie Hartshorn.

I'm a public speaker, yoga instructor, fitness instructor and author, but first and foremost I'm a transformational life coach.

Transforming lives is my passion, it's what I live for.

I have worked as a successful life coach for over 15 years, guiding thousands of clients to a more fulfilling life. Working towards individual goals, I work quickly with you to put actions into place, enabling you to become the best possible version of yourself. I work with people with mental health, weight, relationship and career issues, plus so much more. As a trained hypnotherapist, life coach, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner, I guarantee I can provide you with the tools to heal your body, master your mind and create a life you love.

About Adele-Marie

During my teenage years I was outgoing, fearless and adventurous - yet also desperately insecure. I had zero confidence, constantly telling myself I would never amount to anything. Sadly, my reality became a reflection of this inner dialogue. In my early 20's I embarked on a journey of self-exploration, discovery and development. I read countless self help books and eventually flew to the US to study at The Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, here I was astounded to see people healing from terminal diseases through diet, a positive mindset a yoga.

I was blown away and instantly knew I had found my calling.

Following my trip to the US, I threw myself into several intense personal development courses and immersed myself in personal transformation. After qualifying as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer to help people to lose weight and regain health, I soon realised that I had to get inside peoples minds If I were to make any type of permanent change. For me, there was only one way to achieve this, so once again I went back to training. I undertook a 3-year yoga qualification, then soon qualified as a life coach and NLP practitioner, continuing on to become a master NLP practitioner, and then most recently, a clinical hypnotherapist, all whilst being a single parent to my young daughter, India. Training is something that is incredibly important to me, and something I'm intensely proud of, it enables me to truly provide my clients with a life changing service and experience.

I still very much have an insatiable passion for learning, especially when it comes to human behaviour. I can remember waking up in my 30th year on the planet and just knowing that I had been put here to help people live happier and healthier lives - and this is still my mission in life!

Inspired by my mother's own struggles with weight and health issues, I wrote my first book, Permanent Weight Loss, in 2012.

This book is published on Kindle and available on Amazon or via my own website. A second book is in the pipeline which contains excerpts from my self-built 'Transform4Life' 10-week course.

Today, I successfully run a number of transformational courses and provide 1-2-1 life coaching sessions for all manner of issues. You can also join me for regular workshops and retreats, as well as my weekly yoga classes. I am here to serve you. Please feel free to read my many positive reviews on Facebook and Google My Business. I would love to get to know you more and help you on your own personal journey, so please, get it touch.

Love & Light
Adele-Marie x

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