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As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, anxiety often comes from a feeling of not having the ability to be in control.  Many things we cant control in life; the weather, time, other peoples reactions,  however, one thing that we can control, is how much we spend over the festive period.  

If you are already struggling with the feelings of anxiety then festive occasions can make you feel even worse, especially if your financial issues are already a concern.

 The thing that I believe is super important here, is to know that you can consciously take control of the situation which will not only make you feel like you are growing in strength, it can take so much unnecessary stress out of the spending situation and life in general.

What we  really need to do here is to be a little bit creative about the way that we look at where we think the money has got to go and I believe that by taking a practical view point on this can help to take out the emotional aspect of Xmas, and its pressures which can lead into that awful negative spiral. 

 I am going to share some tips here which will help you feel more in control and prevent those unwanted feelings of stress and anxiety.


1. Know where you are at

Understanding where you are at financially will allow you to be able to make informed decisions. If you simply have enough money for the basics then that is all that you have.  Write a list, do a spreadsheet or whatever your preferred format is, so that you know exactly how much money you do have and how long it needs to last you.  I know that this can be really tough as we often believe that not knowing and 'winging it' Is better, however you may be pleasantly surprised and be in a better position than you thought, then you can stop the unnecessary worry.


2. Keep in communication lines open

 It is really important to be honest with our loved ones and let them know if we are worried about the financial burden that Xmas brings.  If you can only afford to get a token gift or even nothing at all, then TELL THEM.  I don't think that any of use really want anyone else to worry or even go into debt for a Xmas present for us, right ?  Wouldn't we all just prefer to have our family and friends with us, in a relaxed, connected place rather than worrying and fretting?  Its presence thats important not presents !


3. Attitude of gratitude

 Start small and get things into perspective.  This is a great habit to practice, daily, no matter what time of year it is.  If your kids are healthy, be grateful. If you have food to eat, be grateful. If you have your health, be grateful. A home? be grateful!  Just go on a crazy rampage of being grateful for as much as you can and not only does it make you feel better, like in just a moment, it will make you feel more energised  and happy. being in a state of gratitude, has actually been proven to rewire your brain, which creates permanent transformation when practiced daily.


4. Keep it real

 Listen, Christmas is a couple of days.  It will be here and gone very quickly. practice your breathing, be in the present moment and if its not your favourite time of year then know it will be over soon.

Spend time with your friends and/or family.  Go on walks, get some fresh air and use the time to focus on what you want to create for next year. 

Think about what you'd like to transform and get some positive intentions set. If you've had a crappy year then be glad its nearly over and if its been an ok year, see point 3! ;)  Create free games, you know the one with the post it notes on the forehead, where you can just have a good old laugh. Avoid getting wrapped up in the commercialisation of something that was created for religious intent. Breathe….you got this!


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