What you believe has the power to help or hinder

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2020

I spend my whole life talking about beliefs.

The more I get into it, the more I'm intrigued about what people believe and where them beliefs come from. More importantly, what behaviours stem from those very beliefs.

I would say that all behaviours stem from your belief system in one way or another, even down to what you eat, drink and how healthy your lifestyle is.

I wrote about this in my first book: Permanent Weight Loss.

Yep - your beliefs also normally determine your weight too. That may sound bizarre, but it's just the tip of the iceberg…

I have followed the work of Bruce Lipton for years and in his book - The Biology Of Belief - he tells us about how it is scientifically proved that each cell in our body changes slightly depending on what we are saying to ourselves.


This is where it gets interesting. 

If every single cell in your body is listening to what you are saying, this means that your truths (another word for your beliefs) are being repeated daily – roughly 60-80,000 times. Think then how your beliefs are impacting you, not just on a behavioural level, but on a cellular level too!

 Anyway ….I digress.

I am going to simplify this for you a little. I like to do this for my clients as I love to teach them about mind/body connection and how the mind works so that they become empowered and they are able to notice un-resourceful patterns and behaviours when they sneak up, unwanted.

Now here is the thing, when we create a belief – when we are very young, we collect evidence to make that belief right. I always say your brain is like your best friend, so it constantly goes around making you right about your decisions, whether they are helpful or not.

So whether you believe that you are super smart and clever or that you'll 'always have anxiety',  then guess what - you're more than likely going to be right.

I have so much fun swapping beliefs about for my clients. It’s a great game to play.

For one week believe that you are happy and healthy and lucky (or whatever else) and see what happens to you.

Even playing games with the belief about having the ability to heal from depression and anxiety without medication, which happens to be my absolute belief!  This gives my clients the belief in themselves that they can get better and they can heal and it will be a great ride!

I also tell both my clients AND my Anxiety Release Method practitioners that I will have belief in them until they have it for themselves….and POW - magic happens.

I've read books, watched videos and even talked to real life people who have healed themselves from a terminal disease when the belief was that they would never recover.

If those amazing humans can heal of something super sinister then I know that you can heal from anxiety, depression and trauma.

If you believed that you couldn’t fail what would you do?

Here are some powerful questions to ask yourself:

  • What do you belief about yourself to be true which would make you successful?
  • What do you believe holds you back from being happy/successful/calm?
  • What would you lie to believe about yourself for the next 2 weeks? (you can always go back to your old belief's after if you like)

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