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Uncategorized Jun 06, 2021

Why is it so important to understand emotional growth?


Emotional health isn’t about avoiding negative emotions, it’s about understanding and trusting our own resilience so that we can navigate our way through the challenges life brings.


Many people feel fear around growth and development because it may just unearth something that they are not ready to deal with…yet!


Emotional growth enables us to process and deal with our feelings in a way that is appropriate. Many of us were not taught about personal development and emotional growth as children. The subject of ‘personal development’ is a bit of a ‘new age’ topic and something that we haven’t been aware of until relatively recently. The fact that this may be a new concept does not make it any less important to ensure mental resilience and stability. There are so many challenges that life throws at us and without the ability to regulate our emotions we can be left feeling vulnerable, confused, depressed and anxious.


Some people aren’t interested in emotional growth because they feel uncomfortable challenging their beliefs. Our beliefs make us who we are and it feels strange to question them.

But, growth is part of life. Sometimes we go through times in our lives that push us to the brink. We feel we can’t go on but, in the next breath, we are through it, it’s over and we feel a sense of relief. This makes us stronger and more able to deal with the next challenge that life throws at us. Emotional growth may be painful but it is so necessary.


‘Our trauma isn’t our fault, however it is our responsibility to deal with’. This is not only important for YOU but if you are a parent or carer of any child then it is even more important because our children learn from us and emotional understanding and growth is something that will certainly help to set them up for life! 

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