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Christmas Anxiety - spending time with family!

Spending time with family can bring up all types of feelings, and if you are experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety anyway, then the thought of Christmas may be filling you with feelings of dread and worry.

Families can be wonderful and beautiful to share time with, yet spending time with the people closest to us can often bring up many challenges too.  

Picture this, your parents are a whole generation older than you and they really struggle to understand your model of the world, they think social media is awful, they have an opinion on how you’re living your life and they may even have an opinion about who you’re choosing to live your life with.  

You spend time with your folks around the holidays and their difference of opinions and ways of being and thinking make you feel even more disconnected than you already feel. That disconnection is what started your anxiety in the first place because, let me tell you this, when you are fully connected to the magnificent being that you really are, there is really no room for anxiety.  

So, the tips that I am sharing here are going to help you to reconnect with yourself. That is where the healing starts. When we connect with who we really are first, we have the ability to reconnect to our family members on a deeper level than ever before. This is where we can access real love - giving and receiving love and connection (yes, both ways!).  

The wonderful result is that those pesky feelings of not being enough (which is almost always the root cause of anxiety) will drift off to a place far away. You’ll start to notice them less and less which will free up space to experience a feeling of calmness and self-worth, feeling good enough, as well as feeling a juicy connection to yourself and your loved ones. This, my friend, is what life is really about!


1. Spend 10 minutes meditating

I know I talk about meditation a lot, but seriously, you’ve got to try it! I've been talking in my recent blogs also about really connecting to your breath. Do it for 10 minutes once or twice every single day, and place your right hand onto your belly and your left hand onto your heart. Take your breathing deep down to your right hand, slow it right down and become super conscious about it.  Then focus your energy into your left hand, maintain the focus in your heart space and focus on love for the duration. 

Start to connect to ALL of those things that you love in your life. Everything from your family pet to and old school friend or anything that you can feel love for. Start small and practice connecting to your heart centre every single day.  I promise you this tip alone will be a total game changer!


2. Acceptance 

This is a big. What we need to realise is that people are people and they/we are all conditioned and programmed the way that parents, families and society programmed us all. Unless your family has done some serious personal development work, then they won’t be aware of the programmes that they are running which will be affecting the whole family dynamics. Working on acceptance is fundamental for the healing of you as an individual and us as a nation, and a planet. We need to start with us! Start to work on your own self-acceptance, use EFT to really transform the way that you accept yourself and you life where it is right now (see the video)


3.Take yourself outside to connect with nature

Family time is intense. It is great to be with people however we do need space too. Get yourself out for a walk. If you have a dog, walk it out in nature. If you don’t have a dog - borrow one! Honestly, walking outside for 30 minutes a day is proven over an over to be beneficial for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. I know it can be an effort to get yourself wrapped up and out in the chilly winter air but, I promise you, it will be worth it!


4.Ask yourself this question…..

What am I willing to receive this Christmas?  I don’t mean in your Christmas stocking either!

What real gifts are you willing to receive?

What lessons are you willing to learn?

What love are you willing to receive, and who from in particular?

What are you willing to give to yourself, to enable you to feel calm and connected this Christmas?


5. Be kind - it's that simple

We are each individually fighting our own battles and working our way through this journey that we call life.  Practice being kind to others, but most importantly to YOURSELF! You’re the most important person in your own world.  Be kind to you! 


I send this with love and kindness 

Merry Christmas


Love and light,




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