What is holistic detox?

Do you want to feel AMAZING? The holistic approach to detoxing and how changing your lifestyle choices will improve physical, mental and emotional health.

Detoxes often get a bad wrap as they can be misconstrued as some kind of unhelpful fad diet, something that may set you off into a yo-yo diet mentality. I am not an advocate for any type of fad diet or quick fix, however detoxing your mind and body holistically by looking into not only diet, but lifestyle choices can help physical, mental and emotional health.

What is holistic detox?

The holistic approach to detox sees us focus on food and drinks that create stress on the internal organs while also ridding toxins that we put into our bodies, our hair, toxic habits, relationships and even silver mercury fillings if you want to go down that path! Basically, anything that can stop us from being our best, most vibrant, energetic, aligned, strong and fabulous self!

The things that I recommend removing from your diet are meat,...

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