The holistic and science-backed protocol, proven to build a positive mindset & emotional resilience

Achieve long term transformational outcomes within a short amount of time


The holistic and science-backed system to build mental & emotional resilience



  • You feel present and connected within your work life and your home life
  • You have an unstoppable mindset
  • You feel powerfully resilient
  • You have the ability to reframe challenging tasks and situations, giving you new levels of confidence
  • You feel more aligned with your purpose, values and energy has increased
  • You are focused, energised and confident in your mission
  • You have cultivated a new level of enjoyment, in your work, which overspills into your personal life

And if you have a team;

  • Your team members are even more engaged and energised, impacting productivity directly.
  • You are part of a high-energy team with superb communication techniques.
  • You have found a way to create a sense of community in the workspace,
  •  Absenteeism has dropped so things are running more smoothly and profit has increased.

Who is The Proven Productivity Protocol for?

The programme is ideal for ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals wanting more from their lives and team leaders who want to be able to lead their teams into greater success, whilst not sacrificing health over wealth.

 PPP is a fully flexible system created to support you into a journey of enriched success, the unique concept of this protocol is that it uses both the conscious and unconscious mind, to create lasting and powerful change.

The resources in this programme add quantifiable value in every area of your personal and professional life and will not just be impactful for this period, once you learn these skills they will last you a lifetime, promoting long term success! 





Lifetime access to the online videos, meditations and hypnotherapy recordings

7  group mentoring sessions

Whats app support

A 1-2-1 session 

A fully inclusive weekend retreat at Oakmead (this will be held in November 2023)



1 year access to the online content, including videos, meditations and hypnotherapy recordings

7 Group Mentoring sessions 

Whats app support 





Self-serve all of the online content

do the programme, in your own time and leisure 






What is the Proven Productivity Protocol?


PPP is a sustainable, transformational programme designed to enhance leadership skills in a holistic way. This is designed in a way that can be used by a soloprenuer or by a large team.

Results will increase positivity, high level performance, productivity and connection, without burnout or fatigue. This will naturally build mental and emotional resilience, impact your profits and your ability to lead a fulfilled life.

PPP combines six core state-changing coaching models which supports individuals to become more aligned and able to communicate more effectively and confidently using a combination of bite-sized video-based training, worksheets, meditations, visualisations and hypnotic re-programming.

Each session is designed to inspire without overwhelm, each module is broken down and presented in either an online or in-person format, and can be delivered in a time frame that suits your company or personal needs.

Understand the 6 steps of The Proven Productivity Protocol the individuals and teams are using to build resilience, increase motivation and increase performance, without stress , anxiety or burnout

Discover how you can quickly create a positive mindset for yourself enabling you to achieve your goals and inspire others

Learn how you can save time and money by increasing energy and motivation

You too can have more productivity, profits and presence by learning the 6 step formula which reduces stress and powers-up performance


"Employee wellbeing is no longer a benefit, it's a necessity" - Adele Hartshorn



PPP uses a combination of live training and online mirco-learning modules to facilitate both a shift in culture and transformational tools that can be used for a lifetime
"My background is HR and I have led and mentored global teams for years, I have never experienced someone as effective as Adele, she has the entire 360 when it comes to business acumen, unlocking potential and truly supporting you find your true self either and an entrepreneur, business owner, employee or leader. If you get the opportunity to work with Adele, consider it not only and investment but also a privilege."
- Amber Burns, CEO White Wolf Recruitment

Why do we need holistic wellbeing training?


Humans are holistic beings, so when assisting my clients in building mental and emotional resilience, it’s important to take this into account.

Resilience enables you to bounce back from shock, trauma or distress in the fastest time possible with little or no effects to the creative and productive output in your life.

Having resilience, clarity, motivation and self awareness, right now is more important than ever if you want to make sure that you/your company stay productive and efficient in working to be the best of your ability.


When your team is empowered with resilience tools that boost motivation and confidence...

Productivity increases

Job satisfaction rate increases

Stress reduce

Absenteeism decreases

"I recently attended two workshops - The Powerful  Persuasive People Process & REWIRE - The Limitless MIND Method. 

Adele delivers the workshop content with amazing passion and clarity. She quite obviously has huge experience in this sector and I came away with a range of skills and techniques that I have already adopted, and I am now putting in to operation both inside and outside my corporate world. 

I would highly recommend Adele both for 121 sessions and her workshops . Both formats will have a positive impact on you and make you rethink how you look after yourself and how you interact with others".

- Jeremy Mitchell, Account Director Howden Group Holdings

PPP training is right for you if:

You are wanting to improve your energy, productivity and performance without feeling burnout

You are wanting to grow your business and you need new tools to create a positive and unstoppable mindset

You would benefit from excellent communication strategies

You want to move forward in life without feeling anxious and stressed at every hurdle

You have a team that would thrive if given some tools to empower them into a more positive mindset


PPP aims to arm professionals with the tools they can use in both the workplace and everyday life to be more resilient and empowered. PPP is a powerful proven coaching model to help professionals avoid burnout and recognise key triggers and how to work more effectively alone and as a team.


 Why now?


7 million prescriptions were given out in 2019 alone for anxiety and depression symptoms.

4 billion GBP is lost every year due to unresolved stress, anxiety and depression.

Mental health and emotional well-being have never been talked about like it is right now.

We are collectively going through somethings that has never been experienced in our life time. Every business has unique needs and requirements, whether it is a stand-alone workshop/webinar or a series of motivational engagements, I can create the ideal programme tailored to your individual needs.