Transformational Retreats

Transformational Retreats

Transformational Retreats

Are you ready to upgrade your energy and vitality?

You are here because you are a person who wants to get the best from your life, you understand that your health and wellbeing and levels of fulfilment are all connected. However, potentially you may feel overwhelmed. Maybe you've become aware of a drop in energy. Perhaps you would like to reset your body, your mind and reconnect to your soul purpose.

It's time to disconnect so that you can reconnect.


Picture this...

You are a busy professional woman and you know that you need a break, a short, convenient and effective reset.

You arrive at the spacious rural venue to spend some time being, with yourself, In the restorative peace and quiet.

The plan; to stop, to check in and allow yourself to simply be and be nourished and nurtured.

You gift yourself 3 full days of deep rest and restbite.

You will be nourished with healthy juices and energy giving food.

You will have 1-2-1 time with me and I will be solely focused on you so that I can support you in a detox of your body, a reset of your mind and a connection to your soul.

Why do you need a retreat?

Maybe you would like to reach the next level in your career or the next level in your business growth. Or maybe you are wanting to reach the next level in fulfilment, confidence, self-esteem or contentment. 

In the time that we are together you will give yourself space to create clarity, inner peace and total tranquility. Allowing yourself to leave feeling energised and rejuvenated. 

Whatever it is that you are wanting to achieve will be explored and all limited beliefs that are potentially holding you back will be extinguished and new beliefs will become your new guidelines for success. 


A Typical Retreat starts at £2222 and will look as follows


Day 1 - Tuesday

Morning Session:

  • 2 hour breakthrough session where Adele will illicit what is important for you right now and where there is potentially a glass ceiling on you achieving your 'next level' of fulfilment, and what ever else your heart desires. 

Lunch will be either a nourishing juice if you have chosen the juicing option or a health vegetarian option. All food will be organic where possible and the menu created with your personal requirements in mind

Afternoon Session:

  • Hands on intuitive healing. Adele spends 90 minutes working on your body, using deep nurturing massage and healing techniques
  • Here is where Adele will connect to your body and your energy. She will share any messages of wisdom that your body reveals to her
  • You will end day 1 with a light dinner and free time to process and rest 

Day 2 - Wednesday

Morning Session:

  • 1-2-1 yoga and breath work, moving your body and creating space in your mind and body
  • Your session is bespoke and recorded in whichever way is best for you so that you have a prescriptive class to take with you to do at home


Afternoon Session:

  • Cacao plant medicine and hypnotherapy healing
  • Using the combined magic of Cacao plant medicine and unconscious mind reprogramming, this deeply restorative session is amazing for connecting the body and mind and aligning you to your soul's purpose. This is a powerful and restorative session
  • Dinner - free time and journaling


Day 3 - Thursday

Morning Session: 

  • Time to rest and re-emerge with a mindfulness walk in nature. This will help process the healing, insights and personal transformation and allow us to connect to nature, allowing you to ground yourself in the present moment 


Afternoon Session:

  • Closing ceremony where we seal our time together by making a commitment to yourself and your journey. Ensuring your personal boundaries, values and missions are realised and you leave feeling energised, calm, grounded and renewed
  • Early night and leave on the morning of day 4 - you will leave with the weekend in front of you to be able to prepare for your new week with a renewed sense of purpose and passion



Let me share it with you...

I have been running retreats since 2012, retreats can be powerfully transformational.

The ideal retreat enables you to take a breath, step away from the stress of day-to-day living and allow yourself the space to recalibrate.

This space gives you the time and opportunity to reflect on what’s important both personally and professionally. You will rediscover your purpose and passion and give yourself permission to create a new level of clarity and therefore calmness.

On a retreat, you have the ability to ‘lean in’ lean into your facilitator and their knowledge, lean into your inner wisdom, without distraction, and leave feeling renewed, inspired, and ready for the next chapter, the next challenge, or the next part of the journey into a more fulfilled and contented life.

In 2021 I fulfilled a long-term dream of mine to open my own retreat venue. 

Here at Oakmead in Bedfordshire we run and facilitate retreats, retreats to suit every individual. 

One of the reasons that I love hosting and facilitating retreats is that Personal transformation creates a ripple effect. When you transform for the better, it impacts not only you, it impacts your ability to perform better at work, it creates more harmonious and happy relationships, which create a better world, for us ALL to live in.  It all starts with us as individuals.

The powerful thing is when you embark on a retreat you do this with others and the sense of community and connection that is created, with other like-minded individuals, is so special. I run bespoke retreats for my clients on a 1-2-1 and group basis.

The retreats are designed to get the best from your people in the quickest time possible.


Kind words from our people...

Heidi Wright

“ If you're looking for acceptance, clarity and guidance then look no further. Adele has a unique way of helping you to understand yourself and where you are today. 

With no judgement Adele supports you in working through things that are holding you back from being the most authentic and aligned version of yourself, at a pace that you are comfortable with.

With over 20 years of experience you are in safe hands."

Nikky – Body Combat Academy

“The team have been on fire since your workshop. So happy that we included it in the retreat, thanks again”