The Importance of Connection for Wellbeing & a Healthy, Productive Life

Connection is everything.

But what does connection even mean, really?

Connection is something that we, as humans, need to survive. Connection to both self and others is one of the fundamental needs of any human being.

Connection with a community of like-minded people is also super important.

How we get this connection can be what I call 'resourceful' (positive) or 'unresourceful' (negative).

The thing with human needs is that, in order to meet them, we will go over and above what is important to us. We will over ride our own value system to make sure that our individual human needs are met.

Wild isn’t it?

Here is an example of how that could look in real life:

One partner is not feeling like they have connection to their loved one. If that persons needs of connection and love are not being met, no matter how much they think cheating is wrong, even if honesty is right at the top of their value list, they will potentially cheat if they feel that strong sense of connection coming from elsewhere. 

This is not an excuse for cheating folks, but it could explain why people do crazy things sometimes!

Right now, we are having to make a conscious effort to stay connected to the people that we care about.

Whilst we aren’t able to freely go and visit our loved ones, it is more important now than ever that we really understand about human connection and how it relates to our mental and emotional health.

Now what happens when we don’t connect to people in our lives? Then depression and anxiety will kick in pretty damn quickly which, right now, is a scary thought as it is more difficult to meet our connection needs in the middle of a global pandemic!

Connection is the same energy as love.

Love is what we need, love shines through, love is the cure to so much. Love is the way and the truth is the light!

Whilst we need connection to others, we also need to connection to our true authentic selves.

Again, what does this even mean? 

We have got to spend some time being with ourselves, no distractions. Really understand what makes you, you. What inspires you? What excites you or makes you happy? The best way to do this is to meditate, more on that shortly...

Also, we really do overlook being connected to nature, how often do you go out to the planet that gives you life every single day?  Nature is truly healing.

Connection to the planet is so important right now. When we go out in nature, everything is calm, we absorb negative ions – which reduce stress in the physical body. We are able to simply be, just hang out in the perfection of it all. Walking in nature everyday will do you the world of good.

Finally: There's connection to Source.

I don’t teach religion. I don’t have one single faith. However, I do teach spirituality and I have lots of faith.

I don’t know what you believe in, if anything at all, but right now it would be helpful for your own sake for you to believe in an energy far bigger than you.

It would be helpful for you to tap into that source of love and energy to help you to get through life.

Honestly it will serve you well to know that you are loved and supported, even if you cant see the source of that amazingness, you will however be able to feel it. 

When you feel direct connection to ‘source’/the Universe/God (call it what you will), you just wont feel that sense of fear like when you’re disconnected.

Keep working on that connection to your source and I promise you that you'll feel so much more alive, relaxed, productive, less stressed, less anxious and ready to live your life fully and completely.

So here is my recap:

  • Meditate daily – I've got tons of free stuff on my YouTube channel.
  • Walk in nature as often as you can, use the time to really listen to what the planet is saying, listen to the stillness.
  • Make sure that you have like-minded people that you converse with. People that inspire you, the positive ones, not the negative Nancy's who will drain your energy.
  • Connect to your higher source through prayer, meditation or worship of your choice.

On Sunday 15th November, I am running an online workshop which will help us to connect to each other, through breathe, restorative yoga and hypnotherapy. If you would like to join me, you can: REGISTER HERE


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