Easy Festive Survival Guide - 6 Tips To Beat The Blues And Boost Your Energy

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2022

Easy festive survival guide     

6 tips to beat the festive blues


This time of year often brings up mental and emotional challenges for many people

The days are short

The weather is cold

Motivation can be lost and before you know it, you’ve drank too much booze or eaten too much unhealthy food and you feel even worse.

Here are some quick and help tips to help you to stay positive during the festive, winter season:


Get outside as often as you can;

Wrap up, go for a walk and ideally do it in the morning before you’ve had chance to talk yourself out of it.

Alternatively go out straight after lunch so you can refresh and wake up, even for 10 minutes before that 2-3pm dip kicks in and you end up recharging with cake and biscuits.

Make arrangements; 

It's so easy to go into hibernation, and that’s ok too, however if you put in some effort and go for a walk with a friend or meet that person for coffee, who you haven’t made time for, you’ll feel better

Make sure said person is a ‘radiator’ and not a ‘drainer’ so be mindful who you do spend your time with too.

Stay hydrated;

If you find you are eating more processed food, drinking more alcohol or eating things you wouldn’t normally eat, you are going to be more dehydrated which will make you sluggish and unmotivated.

Drink at least a pint of water when you wake up and trade some of your caffeinated drinks for herbal teas. 

You will feel so much better for it I promise.

Prioritise your wellbeing rituals;

Us woman are the ones that ‘do’ Christmas, sweeping statement I know. 

It is so easy to put ourselves to the back of the priority list.


Even if you are shorter on time.

Do 5 minutes of breathing practice, 10 minutes of meditation, say no to things that you really don’t want to do and make sure you don’t ‘let it all go’ which not only leaves you feeling burnout but get out of the habit, making it harder to get going again, once the festivities are over.

Eat Mindfully;

I don’t care what you eat, eat pigs trotters if you must, but do it mindfully, chew your food, enjoy each flavour and taste, notice the texture and check you are not just shovelling things into your trap for the sakes of it, and not fully enjoying it.

Be kind to yourself ;  This is a big one

If you are consciously choosing to sit on the sofa all day the DO IT and enjoy it to the max, NO beating yourself up for not doing more.  I really don’t believe in guilt tripping yourself it simply kills the vibe.  So choose to relax, eat the cake (consciously ) and enjoy every mouthful.  Quit giving yourself a hard time will you?

and for my final word...

Commit to doing something for you in the new year

Something that will supercharge your life, you wellbeing, your energy, your productivity and your ability to contribute in a way that you have potential to.

You are made for greatness, so it starts with you.

Your health, your wellbeing and your ability to lead by example

Merry Christmas and I wish you an epic and fulfilling 2023

with Grace and Gratitude






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