How the past 18 months have changed the way that I work

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2022

For the past 18 months, I've been doing some serious deep inner work!


I've been on a personal development journey for the last 25 years, but nothing has compared to the last 18 months of being alcohol free, deep healing and working with plant medicines and my own neuroplasticity. 

This deep healing and inner work has created a whole new level of self-awareness and fulfillment.

Wow I am filled with both gratitude and energy, in equal measures!

I have also created a system that REWIRES thought processes and I have been implementing my own system, which has led to another huge breakthrough, which has given me new levels of power and wisdom and enhanced my ability to help all those that I serve.

You see, the thing is, I used to get so affected by things that other people said to me.

Sharp tonality, rejection, and harsh words could quickly send me on the path of belittling myself, putting myself down and without thought that old inner voice would start vocalising her unwanted and judgmental opinions..

 You may have a similar inner voice...that says things like;

 “I am just not good enough”

“I'm not worthy”

“I’m unloveable”

 and “I don't deserve good things anyway, im too thick and i'm too stupid"

That whinny internal voice, that comes from a programme that I've had since I was a small child.  The one that has held me back so many times from reaching my true potential, seems to have quietened down....

 Now, when I hear those harsh words from the people that I love or the people around me, my body doesn't respond in the same way that it used to, I don't get that feeling where I feel like I've been punched in the stomach, the horrible feeling where my heart hurts. That old familiar and uncomfortable feeling simply isn't there.

It simply doesn't impact me in a negative way like it has done all of my life - wow the freedom that this has created in the way that I feel, is insane!

These new levels of self-empowerment, that an inner knowing, my confidence and self belief have escalated beyond anything that I could have ever even hoped, dreamed of, or even imagined 18 months ago.

I feel powerful!

I feel empowered and I feel ready to share years of  transformational wisdom and knowledge.

This empowering experience has enabled me to serve my clients, on a deeper level, in ways that I haven't before, the results that we are getting are exceeding all expectations.

I couldn't be happier about this, and neither can they.

Not only am I helping them to heal their own self doubt, self sabotage, releasing depression, anxiety and past programming.  Their inner voice has changed also!

Of course the way that I help my clients has changed too.

New programmes have been developed, new packages have been created and of course 1-2-1 and group retreats have been included.  This is a time of stepping up and shining my light, so that I can help other to do the same, without them having to spend 20 odd years learning in the way that I did!

I am helping my clients to not only SEE but to REALISE their true potential.  It’s  more than exciting.  It's what I have trained all of my adult life to do, but something has shifted, since my own profound transformation.

This is what I live for it is my life purpose.

  • To re-ignite people who have lost their direction
  • To inspire those who feel uninspired
  • To share 25 years of knowledge and wisdom, saving them years of having to do it by themselves.
  • To bring people back to optimum health and energy
  • To support those who feel disconnected to feel connected to themselves, their bodies and their purpose
  • To show people that there is a way, a different way that they simply haven’t been exposed to…yet, a way where through the removal of these inner blocks they can see a brighter future, a more colour path.
  • There is hope
  • There is purpose
  • There is empowerment and
  • There is strength that they didn’t even know that they had


The more I heal, the more I grow the more empowered I become.

The quicker, easier and more profound my client results are.

What I have learned is that there is no ceiling for self awareness, self improvement and self acceptance.  We can all just keep on growing , evolving and improving.

This gives us all the ability to change the world, our world - One person at a time.

How would life be for you if you freed yourself or self doubt, worry, glass ceilings on your happiness or earnings.  How would life be for you if you felt more alive than ever before?

Do you want to join me on the journey?

If so  drop me and quick message 

[email protected]


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