Boost your energy, enjoy your life and let go of your inner critic!

Adele-Marie | Neuro-Somatic Educator
Boost your energy, enjoy your life and let go of your inner critic!

Boost your energy, enjoy your life and let go of your inner critic!


Stop wasting your energy and vitality and let go of the self-judgment


Every single time you negatively judge yourself, your vital energy levels drop. 

So many of us, especially, but not exclusively, women, give themselves a tough time, especially when it comes down to physical appearance.


Judgement to some degree is, of course, helpful.


We do need to discern where we are, how we are feeling and of course if we are feeling or looking ‘healthy and well’.

However, if you have constant and consistent self-judging thoughts, things like;

what others are thinking of you, the worry that you may have gained or even lost a few pounds or if you ‘have the right look’, for the organisation or role that you are currently working in, this can be totally disempowering.

In fact, these unhelpful thoughts can become overwhelming, which ultimately, impact your ability to enjoy your life fully.


Now, when you combine this with the other inner critical voice that's often having its own party, and bringing you a running commentary, sharing things like  “have I done a good enough job” or “did I perform well enough” or whatever else maybe going on inside your mind, at any given moment, overwhelm can soon turn into frustration.

Double emotional whammy!


Good old thought patterns hey?

What with those 60,000 - 80,000 thoughts happening every single day and so many of those ‘judgemental’ ones sneaking under the radar, I am not surprised, that many people are exhausted, and they don’t know why. 

How many people are really thinking about, what they are thinking about, at any one moment?


Harsh self-judgement can come from not, fully accepting yourself, for who you are or even,  what you look like.  If you don’t embrace this wonderful thing, known as self-acceptance, you potentially become overly critical and, if that goes unchecked for a prolonged period, it becomes extremely self-destructive.


Once the skewed perception of yourself takes hold then it has the potential to steal your energy, rob you of your joy, play havoc with your happiness and not to mention what damage it may do to your immune system.

The solution here is to step forward into a less judgemental version of yourself, which can only ever be a positive and I believe, an imperative move when it comes to living a fulfilled and happy life.


So, here is to being more accepting of yourself, here is to preserving your finite energy and here is to taking one step closer to that very often, elusive; self-acceptance!


Here are some helpful questions to help you along your way; You may want to write this down;


  • What does self-acceptance mean to you?
  • How do you know when you have got it?
  • What difference will it make in your life when you have fully embraced a new level of self-acceptance!






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