The Magic of Reprogramming your Mind!

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2022

Many years ago the concept of being able to rewire or re-programme your own brain was a far-fetched fantasy. However, with the use technology we can see the science behind neurological pathways, brain waves and beyond so this concept moves from being just fantasy to proven science. We have proof then, that we can re wire our own brains. Which enables us to create different outcomes for our lives. When we come to releasing anxiety, becoming healthier, removing stress, improving productivity and becoming a more fulfilled version of yourself. We can do this more on a permanent basis than we previously believed. Isn’t that exciting?


Did you know….

Every single one of us are living in our own programmes. We were programmed from being small, we learnt how to talk, when to say please and thank you, how to behave, what is right and wrong – this is our programming.

Our beliefs about ourselves and our capacity, our behaviours and way that we live our day-to-day life are all generated from these ‘programmes’ which were normally created when we were children.  Many of these ‘programmes’ were ‘installed’ before the age of 6 before our brains had the ability to analyse.


Unless you have already been on a quest to find out how to; reduce stress, heal trauma, develop yourself in a positive manner, becoming more fulfilled – you may not even be aware of these programmes, therefore you will probably never have questioned them. The consequences of that are that you are making decisions daily, based on a decision (belief) and therefore, the reality that you created many moons ago. 

How wild is that?

This is not something that is taught in schools so unless you have made a concerted effort to learn more about your brain and how it works, how on earth are you to understand that you have programmes running constantly which are creating the reality which is called  “your life”!


When you consciously set about retraining your brain for more efficiency, less stress, more fulfilment and less conflict you will start to consciously co-create you results and from there we transform the belief that life isn’t happening TO US, but it is happening FOR US! Exciting right? 


The thing is, its that many people have become addicted to their anxiety, or misfortunes because the brain and body have got so used to being aroused in the stress state that you have to be patient and kind to yourself.

This process can be speeded up with the use of hypnosis and guided visualisations, and/or working with a good therapist or coach. 

The great. News is this; if you are 35 and under, your brain is more malleable, you are not hard wired yet. So the exciting thing is; what if we could only get into the brains of children by teaching them what we know?  Therefore, positively programming them so that THEY become more resilient.  This could significantly reduce the alarming rates of self-harm, eating disorders and even suicide. 

Isn’t this worth exploring? 

When we wire our brains up in a resourceful way, so that our brains support our journey through life; we are more adaptable, we are more resilient, more fulfilled, productive and successful.  It can be done, which leads me to constantly question; why are we not more educated on how to use our brains?  I love rewiring the brains of my clients.  To share the resources that I are available to help them to overcome adversity and enable them to live life more freely is something that I will never get bored of.


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