Spring into Spring

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2022

Last week saw us welcome in Spring. Spring equinox is a time to think about what we want to create and manifest for the rest of the year, it is a time to ‘plant the seeds’ of creation. The weather is getting milder, we are out of the dark grasp of winter and energy starts to increase as the days lengthen and the sunshine makes a welcome appearance.


So, the question to ask here; 

What do you really want to create for the rest of the year?
For yourself and your life?


The last couple of years have been really odd and many of us have put plans on hold, needed to diversify in businesses, missed holidays, spent less time with our families and put our hopes, dreams and desires to one side. 


It's not all bad, it has done many people good to press pause, to recalibrate and think about what’s important. 

So, what IS important? 

When we plant a seed we expect our flower to bloom, however when we plant a seed in our mind we often second guess, doubt ourselves, sabotage and get anxious that it may not bloom. We never second guess or doubt nature, however we spend so much time doubting ourselves.


This is where we can learn from mother nature, lean into the wonderment of her bountiful blooms and think about what we want to create. Plant the seed, have faith and allow the underground work to be done. This doesn’t mean that you can sit back and do nothing; you do need to take inspired action, but you need to have faith. Like we have faith in nature. 


Nature doesn’t feel unworthy, like she’s not good enough. Nature doesn’t feel unworthy to grow the planted seed, she just gets on and does what she needs to do.


Let nature lead the way and plant seeds of what you want to create right now.


Here are some tips to manifest your desired life;


Think about what you would like to gain and then ask what it will bring?
How will my life look?
What is the picture that goes with that desire once it has manifested?

How will I know when I am there?

How will that change my life on a day to day basis?


Now for the inspired action;


What can I do right now that will have me springing into spring?
What simple task can I do now which will lead me into creating more happiness, joy, wealth, health, energy, self love?

Write it down. 

Write it down daily…

Focus on it, visualise it, plant the seed…


Let me know if I can support you in any way.


Love and Light,




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