Who is more likely to suffer from Anxiety?

So, it is not just people who have had a traumatic child-hood or who have even suffered from some kind of adult trauma in their lives. Anxieties can hit those of us who are feeling uncertain in our lives.


Let me explain a little more about what anxiety really is; anxiety occurs where we represent time in our minds; when we ruminate about past events in our lives, we often feel what we know as guilt – anxiety. When we are uncomfortable in the present moment this is more about our current needs being unmet- anxiety. Now, if you really like to torture yourself then you like to plan out the worst case scenarios over and over in your head, of future events that may or may not happen – anxiety. In fact this is known as catastrophising yuk! I think that we can all relate to this.  This is the stuff that we need to learn how to transform and then we can consciously start to create our lives, we are creating them anyway so may as well do it consciously. As I teach my...

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