Who is more likely to suffer from Anxiety?

So, it is not just people who have had a traumatic child-hood or who have even suffered from some kind of adult trauma in their lives. Anxieties can hit those of us who are feeling uncertain in our lives.


Let me explain a little more about what anxiety really is; anxiety occurs where we represent time in our minds; when we ruminate about past events in our lives, we often feel what we know as guilt – anxiety. When we are uncomfortable in the present moment this is more about our current needs being unmet- anxiety. Now, if you really like to torture yourself then you like to plan out the worst case scenarios over and over in your head, of future events that may or may not happen – anxiety. In fact this is known as catastrophising yuk! I think that we can all relate to this.  This is the stuff that we need to learn how to transform and then we can consciously start to create our lives, we are creating them anyway so may as well do it consciously. As I teach my clients and my Anxiety Release practitioners; what we think about we bring about. So, we have to take care of what we think so that we don’t create more of that damn anxiety lark, but hey ho guess what…? What are we doing on a daily basis? …Thinking about the same old crap that we were thinking about yesterday more often than not, in fact in between 70-90% of the time.  How boring is that? How un-resourceful ? yet we continue to do it day in and day out UNTIL the pattern is interrupted – more on this another time!


Here is where I’m going to share a powerful gem with you;

There are 6 human needs 2 of them totally opposite – just for fun, right?(eyes roll)

We need certaintyand then again we need uncertainty. Those of us who need more certainty (you can tell when you’re one of these folk as you’ll prefer to live in the same town, do the same job, go to the same place on holiday, eat the same lunch everyday) I think that you get the picture…Now, these people are more likely to be sensitive to any to any type of change or f$$k ups in life. They will tend to have more anxious reactions as they will be unable to control the inevitable turbulence of day to day living. We all experience said turbulence, but those people who need to have more control and certainty in their lives will experience a greater level of anxiety.


Most anxiety by the way is a total and utter complete waste of energy and time, despite it being a completely normal human response.


Of course there are times in life where we will be more susceptible to anxiety then others.

Divorce, moving house, financial burdens, relationships issues, death and several other big life issues will also contribute to the way that we are feeling at any one time. Continuous stress levels in our bodies are really not cool.  Remember anxiety is simply ongoing stress, which manifests in our bodies and makes us feel positively crap!


If you would like some support with anything discussed here, please feel free to contact me directly


Love and light



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