The Magic of Reprogramming your Mind!

Many years ago the concept of being able to rewire or re-programme your own brain was a far-fetched fantasy. However, with the use technology we can see the science behind neurological pathways, brain waves and beyond so this concept moves from being just fantasy to proven science. We have proof then, that we can re wire our own brains. Which enables us to create different outcomes for our lives. When we come to releasing anxiety, becoming healthier, removing stress, improving productivity and becoming a more fulfilled version of yourself. We can do this more on a permanent basis than we previously believed. Isn’t that exciting?


Did you know….

Every single one of us are living in our own programmes. We were programmed from being small, we learnt how to talk, when to say please and thank you, how to behave, what is right and wrong – this is our programming.

Our beliefs about ourselves and our capacity, our behaviours and way that we live our day-to-day life...

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Why understanding your emotional state is so important and how it impacts your mental health

As humans we have a unique guidance system within us.  We can tell what we have been thinking by understanding how we feel at any given time.  We feel great when we’ve been thinking good thoughts, we feel inspired when thinking about inspirational things, we feel sad when thinking about sad things and when we think negatively, guess how we end up feeling?

We could feel so empowered, if we became aware of our emotions, where they come from  and what they are here to teach us.

The thing is that most people have become disconnected with how they feel and therefore how they think.

We have heard more about mental health, or, lack of it over the past 2 years than ever before, but my gripe with this is, the philosophy is just like the traditional health care system that we have in the western hemisphere.

As we are looking at mental health alone, just like we do physical health. We are not looking at ourselves as holistic beings and that honestly drives me bonkers, as so...

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Spring into Spring

Last week saw us welcome in Spring. Spring equinox is a time to think about what we want to create and manifest for the rest of the year, it is a time to ‘plant the seeds’ of creation. The weather is getting milder, we are out of the dark grasp of winter and energy starts to increase as the days lengthen and the sunshine makes a welcome appearance.


So, the question to ask here; 

What do you really want to create for the rest of the year?
For yourself and your life?


The last couple of years have been really odd and many of us have put plans on hold, needed to diversify in businesses, missed holidays, spent less time with our families and put our hopes, dreams and desires to one side. 


It's not all bad, it has done many people good to press pause, to recalibrate and think about what’s important. 

So, what IS important? 

When we plant a seed we expect our flower to bloom, however when we plant a seed in our mind we often...

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Celebrating YOU!

How much time do you spend celebrating how amazing YOU are?

Listen here my love, you are insanely amazing. The chances of you being born were 1 in 400 trillion, but here you are! GET THAT! 

You are often hard on yourself and I KNOW that you are your own worst critic. It’s just the way that we are, the way that society has us believing that we are less than, believing that we are not good enough, that we are not worthy of the very best in life. Well my love that needs to stop NOW! 

It is time that we started to celebrate ourselves, celebrate each other and celebrate those around us - especially those who are feeling like they don’t have much to celebrate. Our true acceptance of ourselves spills over to those around us, our families and our children, it creates a ripple effect, an upward spiral.

I believe that with so many crazy things happening in the world right now, we need to change the way that we conduct ourselves. The way that we relate to ourselves...

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The Benefits of Raw Nutrition.  

I am not a fan of diets. The first 3 letters say it all to me! However, we live in a paradox where we are all on some kind of DIEt - conscious or not!


I had my fill of the diet culture from a very young age, after seeing many of my close family members struggle with their weight. Counting calories and restrictions just didn’t ‘feel’ right to me. In my early years there wasn’t many diets that I didn’t try, I even did the cabbage soup one!


I turned vegetarian at a relatively young age, which suited me. The thought of eating another body for my own pleasure or nutritional gain felt fundamentally ‘off’ to me. My family thought I was nuts so I went on a mission to research as much as I could about why killing and eating animals and animal products wasn’t ethical or nutritious. I also experimented a lot and went with the guidance system of my own body, which I am highly tuned into. 


When I...

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New Beginnings

I love a new beginning, do you?

People generally don’t like change so the thought of a new beginning maybe daunting to you, but, actually it can be totally refreshing.


What does a new beginning even mean? Well to me it’s a new way of being, a new chapter, an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. An opportunity to upgrade and advance what we think and how we behave. 


What does a new beginning mean to you?
Well here is what it could mean and how it would appear in your life;


A new kinder way of talking to yourself, this would result in you feeling calmer and more connecting. You would be able to enjoy life more as you would be allowing yourself to embody the richness of life.


A new daily forgiveness practice.  This would show up as you being easier on yourself when you made a mistake therefore your energy would improve.


A new and improved way of eating.  You would no longer sabotage your health with food and you would more...

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Self-Love Day - 13th February

We spend so much of our lives focusing on the love that we get from others that we forget to focus on the love that we have for ourselves. In fact, do we even consider this?


When I was a young girl people would say ‘who do you think you are?’ or ‘she loves herself too much’. I believe that society teaches us to be small, not to love ourselves, to be seen and not heard and then when we reach adulthood we have to learn how to love ourselves from the inside out! Let me tell you, from personal experience… it is not easy!


Here are a few tips to use to check-in on your own self-love..


Do you carve out time in your day to make sure that you are able to have some ‘alone’ time?

Have you considered what self-love really is?
How do you know when you are there?

Are there times in your day, week, month when you feel like you love yourself less than you could?


The saying goes How can you expect someone else to love you...

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Disconnect from the world. Reconnect to yourself.  



The power of the human mind and body is underestimated. Society programmes us not to believe in our innate power and wisdom.


Our bodies have the ability to heal. 


Our minds have the ability to create. 


And yet most of us feel like we are missing something, like maybe we are not 'there' yet, even though we don’t have an idea of where ‘there’ is. This manifests in stress and anxiety and a lack of confidence or direction. It can also manifest into bad eating habits, feelings of unworthiness and lack of motivation.


When you have the opportunity to STOP, to arrive in your body and make peace with your mind - miracles can happen. 


It is a wonderful place to be but it takes effort, it takes work. 


In May 2022, I will be holding my next retreat at Oakmead in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, UK.


Let me hold the space for you.


During this...

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Meditation and Hypnosis

I use both meditation and hypnosis for my personal practice and my clients. Meditation and hypnosis are used for self-help and general wellbeing. But what is the difference?


Meditation daily is non-negotiable for me. It allows me to stay present and focused. I love meditation, daily practice in the comfort of your own home is accessible to the majority and can be done in 5 or 10 minutes.


Hypnotherapy helps to eliminate anything unresourceful which is holding us back from being our true magnificent selves. This helps us to master our thought patterns and generate new beliefs.


In my upcoming Rebirth Retreat I’m doing an Aligned Coaching Workshop where I will help my clients understand who they want to be moving forward and what they need to believe in order for them to get there. Through the powerful art of hypnosis we will work deep in the conscious mind, overcoming limitations and then embed new beliefs into the unconscious mind. This can be done...

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What Is Smudging?..

People have been burning sage or smudging, as it is sometimes known, for hundreds of years. The practice dates back to prehistoric times and it has been used world-wide. This was back in the days of no phones or email, so how did these dudes know what they were doing?? People were on opposite sides of the world, all doing the same thing with the same plants, intriguing don’t you think?!


Sage cleanses the energy of an individual, a group or even a home or space. It leaves a herby smell lingering in the air where it has been burned.


Scientists have observed that sage kills up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria. It offers rapid delivery to the brain too which is said to assist with many kinds of healing, deeper levels of awareness and enhanced spiritual awareness. When burned sage releases negative ions which is linked to supporting positivity too.


I like rituals but I love rituals with intention. When you burn sage, create an intention, a positive...

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