Are you an ambitious business owner or professional woman, who wants to positively impact your life both personally and professionally?

Potentially you feel like you have so much more that you can do, be and have however you may feel like you a heading towards burnout, maybe you feel like you need a break, a reset

Perhaps you are at a cross road in your life and you are not sure which direction to go in

Maybe you would like to grow your business, write that book, go for the promotion or create optimum health but you feel like you are stuck in a loop of procrastination and overwhelm

If you would like to really harness your own potential but you are simply exhausted, struggling to prioritise or constantly feeling like you are stuck on the hamster wheel of life then you are in the right place.

I am so happy that you arrived here on this page 


This retreat has been specifically designed for women like you, who want create more value, reach your fullest potential and  perform in a way that you never believed was possible.  

During our 3 day all inclusive, luxury retreat ,we will take you on a journey that will empower you, inspire you and have you stepping into the most connected, energised and fulfilled version of yourself. 

 You will be guided through a combination of deeply restorative practices, Life Design, Belief building, confidence boosting and wellbeing experiences that will elevate your performance, prosperity and potential. 

You will take home a success strategy, enabling you to launch into 2024 with abundant energy,  clarity and confidence. 

You will leave feeling transformed, with dynamic life changing tools that will support your success, for the rest of your life.

For this retreat I am gifting you £1434 worth of Coaching, Accountability and Support. 

Scroll down and see what is in store!


Imagine the next level of your success not being on the other side of a complicated launch, a stressful strategy or time consuming promotion.

Picture success being on the other side of three days of rejuvenation and restoration.

Our early bird pricing is currently £1,555 per person. 



A post retreat  Transformational 1-2-1 Coaching session which will ensure that you are stepping into success with out stress and holds you accountable to ensure that you are on track to creating your dream outcome. (VALUE £250) 

 Access to the REWIRE MIND METHOD - This self serve programme will rewire your thoughts and beliefs to nurture an unstoppable mind.  This online programme you keep forever and is scientifically proven to REWIRE your neurological pathways in 63days (Value £333)

 WhatsApp accountability group - you will be added to a group for 8 weeks,  2 weeks prior to your retreat and the support will continue for 6 weeks after the retreat. This will ensure that any commitments that you made to yourself will be upheld.  Studies show that you are 95% more likely to succeed when you are held accountable ! Exciting! (Value £400)

 3 Hypnotherapy recordings which will enable you to remain Clear and Intentional, Confident and Calm.  All you have to do is lay down and listen and I do all the work. You can use these tools for your life time. (£300)

 3 Morning meditations which will help you to start your day in the best way possible. This will help you to ‘stay in flow’ and avoid overwhelm, procrastination or any drops in motivation. You only need 10 minutes to start your day the right way. (Value £60)

Your Retreat Itinerary

Thursday 2nd November

Arrival 4-5pm

Opening circle and Intention setting

Dinner and chill


Friday 3rd November

Warming freshly pressed juice

Connecting to your physical self with gentle stretch and breath-work

Cacao Ceremony - deep dive into your unconscious potential and meet with your future self


Afternoon workshop

Life Designing - Create a life on your terms based on your true values and aligning your desires and dreams

Reflection and chill time

Nutritious and delicious dinner is served 

Musical Entertainment and Fun


Saturday 4th November

Movement and meditation

Belief blasting workshop - release any conscious and unconscious beliefs that are holding you back, from being the most powerful version of yourself. This will transform your perception of yourself and your potential


Fire Release Ceremony - We will burn the old beliefs and free you from your old conditions

Sound Healing and deep Rewiring of your thoughts and emotions - this will be deeply restorative and relaxing


Elevation and Celebration Party


Sunday 5th November


Mindfulness walk in nature

snack and hot cacao drink

Bringing your future to life - We create your success strategy here, using time line therapy and life visioning techniques - this is where we create your 90 day plan which will launch you into 2024 


Closing Circle and completion ceremony



Join Us This November for your Life Changing 3-Day Retreat:

Unleash Your Hidden Potential, Embrace Your Own Greatness, and re-design the life you want on your terms.

Are you yearning to upgrade your health, wealth, and overall happiness?

It all begins with reshaping your thoughts and emotions, and we will guide you through this transformative journey in just three days!

During our immersive retreat, you will be a part of an empowering and enlightening experience where your aspirations are transformed into reality at warp speed.

No dream is too big and no goal is  unachievable, as we assist you in shattering any imaginary glass ceilings that maybe holding you back.

Together, we will guide you to new heights of prosperity, health, and fulfilment.

Spend three intensive days with us, filled with powerful transformations, heart-filled  encouragement support, and a radical shift in mindset.

After these three days, you won't just leave with beautiful memories, but also a clear, well-crafted strategy that is attuned with your aspirations for wellbeing and financial success.

Throughout your stay, we will dive deep into the essence of what truly motivates you. With the help of our dynamic and tested tools, we will manifest these inspirations into tangible, actionable steps.

When you leave, you won't just have a plan - you'll have a roadmap that's easy to follow and perfectly crafted for your unique journey.

This retreat is not just an event, it's the beginning of your transformed life.

So, are you ready to awaken your true potential and welcome a new era of magnificence in your life?

Don't wait, join us this November. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be!

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What if you could...

...wake up finally feeling happier, more confident, motivated and in love with yourself in a way that you have never experienced before?


Leading your life with passion and purpose, knowing which direction that you are moving in.

Being fulfilled, present and contented is what brings joy and connection to life. You deserve to live a life of absolute fulfillment, joy and presence.

If you let go of all that no longer served you, let go of what holds you back from feeling truly alive and vibrant, how would that be?

If you woke everyday feeling purposeful, energised and knowing that you were making the most of your awesome life, what would that look like to you? How would it be to truly love your physical self, feeling proud of the person that you have become.

What does it mean to you to really be the best version of yourself?

Knowing with no doubt that you are the best Mum, the best wife, friend, business woman, leader and woman possible?