Meditation and Hypnosis

I use both meditation and hypnosis for my personal practice and my clients. Meditation and hypnosis are used for self-help and general wellbeing. But what is the difference?


Meditation daily is non-negotiable for me. It allows me to stay present and focused. I love meditation, daily practice in the comfort of your own home is accessible to the majority and can be done in 5 or 10 minutes.


Hypnotherapy helps to eliminate anything unresourceful which is holding us back from being our true magnificent selves. This helps us to master our thought patterns and generate new beliefs.


In my upcoming Rebirth Retreat I’m doing an Aligned Coaching Workshop where I will help my clients understand who they want to be moving forward and what they need to believe in order for them to get there. Through the powerful art of hypnosis we will work deep in the conscious mind, overcoming limitations and then embed new beliefs into the unconscious mind. This can be done...

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What Is Smudging?..

People have been burning sage or smudging, as it is sometimes known, for hundreds of years. The practice dates back to prehistoric times and it has been used world-wide. This was back in the days of no phones or email, so how did these dudes know what they were doing?? People were on opposite sides of the world, all doing the same thing with the same plants, intriguing don’t you think?!


Sage cleanses the energy of an individual, a group or even a home or space. It leaves a herby smell lingering in the air where it has been burned.


Scientists have observed that sage kills up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria. It offers rapid delivery to the brain too which is said to assist with many kinds of healing, deeper levels of awareness and enhanced spiritual awareness. When burned sage releases negative ions which is linked to supporting positivity too.


I like rituals but I love rituals with intention. When you burn sage, create an intention, a positive...

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Rebirth Yourself!



What is it?


Rebirth is arriving in your physical body, feeling supported, connected, strong and healthy.

Rebirth is new beliefs, ones which will hold you in good stead when working on your goals and enable you to power through any setbacks.

Rebirth is discovering who you identify yourself to be and aligning your beliefs, behaviours, thoughts and habits to that which you want to become. It is powerful in every way. Rebirth with me and you get to have fun whilst you are doing it!


It is time that you allowed yourself to ‘rebirth’. 

What do you want to bring forth into the next part of your life? 

How would your life look if you were everything that you wanted to be?


I present to you:

’Rebirth Retreat’.

21st-24th January 2022, Oakmead, Sharnbrook.

I was in deep meditation when I was given the name ‘Rebirth’ for my retreat. I use so many healing modalities from yoga and meditation,...

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The Power of Sound Healing.

Sound healing is an ancient form of vibrational healing that is more mainstream than ever before, and I say YES to this! Whilst sound healing is coming to the forefront of our lives in the ‘health and healing’ industries, sound therapies go back as far as 40,000 years and are traced back to indigenous tribes through practicing chanting, Tibetan healing bowls, didgeridoos, chimes and more.  I believe that our ancestors knew so much more than us about non-invasive healing methodologies. The more holistic healing tools that we can adapt into our lives to help to prevent and heal mental, emotional, and physical stress the better!


Every single thing, including ourselves, has a vibrational frequency, therefore when we listen to a sound (or music) it impacts how our cells vibrate. I think we would all agree that sounds and music have the ability to change our ‘state’, this includes mental, emotional and physical states.  


Some of...

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What is REBIRTH?

What is REBIRTH?


Rebirth is an opportunity to recreate. To choose who you become. To be the spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically upgraded version of yourself.


When you access powerful new beliefs, advanced ways of thinking, tools to upgrade your physical self and a brand new connection with your spiritual self; you have a recipe for greatness.


It is time to let go of old thinking, unresourceful habits and judgemental inner critique and truly embody who you are.


I truly believe that when we integrate holistic practises, permanent, life changing and exciting transformations can happen in a short period of time.


It is time to take care of your energetic wellbeing - vibrational health


Who do you want to become in 2022?

What do you want to fill your year with?

What will you believe about yourself?

What new things do you want to discover?


I am beyond excited to announce the Rebirth Retreat.


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How Forgiveness Impacts A Healing Journey

Let’s talk about forgiveness. WOW, it’s a biggy. One of the most touching things I’ve ever seen was a woman hugging and forgiving a murderer just as he was getting sent to prison to serve his time for the killing of her son. It moved me to tears.


Forgiveness is one of the golden thread principles that flows through all religions. I started introducing it into my therapy work a long time ago.


Forgiveness is something that requires daily or even weekly practice. It can transform anger, it can transform hurt, it can transform blame and also guilt and shame, especially when we forgive ourselves.


Forgiveness is powerful enough to transform anxiety (for all my anxiety warriors out there). Forgiveness is so powerful it can transform negative energy and with that it has the power to change lives. 


Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance...

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Grounding A Busy Mind

Are you an over-thinker?

Does your mind run 1 million miles an hour?

Do you find that you’ve had moments of self-doubt which lead to anxiety?

Does your mind jump from thought to thought, ruminating over imaginary scenarios and events?

I am going to share some powerful tools to help you to stay grounded and help you to stay calm, focused and aligned.


When you are grounded you are more able to catch negative thoughts before they run riot with your emotions. Sound good? Yes! Bring it on..


For me, staying grounded is something that comes from daily practices. If you have a flighty mind, like me, then these daily practices make such a difference.


Many people are led to believe that they don’t have control of their own thoughts and feelings. Many believe that overthinking, anxiety and panic should be treated by a quick-fix magic pill which can have nasty side-effects. The truth is that YOU and your awesome body and mind have got the power to...

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How Mental Health Affects Physical Health

Back in the day, it was believed that your mind and body were two separate things. Science has now proved this to be totally false.

Your ‘body mind’ as Michael Bernard calls it, is one entity. Every cell of your body listens to everything you say and think, even unconsciously.


A person with multiple personality disorder (used to be known as schizophrenia) can experience different health conditions for their multiple personalities. So, one part of them may have diabetes and need insulin and the other personality may not. I find this fascinating and believe it is under documented.


Recently, there has been massive focus on physical health and much less regard for mental and emotional health which I think is wrong. Your body speaks your mind. Stress is the main cause of illness not bacteria, not viruses, STRESS. So, mastering stress management keeps your body healthy and vibrant.


I believe that understanding the link between mental and physical...

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Emotional Health

Why is it so important to understand emotional growth?


Emotional health isn’t about avoiding negative emotions, it’s about understanding and trusting our own resilience so that we can navigate our way through the challenges life brings.


Many people feel fear around growth and development because it may just unearth something that they are not ready to deal with…yet!


Emotional growth enables us to process and deal with our feelings in a way that is appropriate. Many of us were not taught about personal development and emotional growth as children. The subject of ‘personal development’ is a bit of a ‘new age’ topic and something that we haven’t been aware of until relatively recently. The fact that this may be a new concept does not make it any less important to ensure mental resilience and stability. There are so many challenges that life throws at us and without the ability to regulate our emotions we...

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Spirituality for Health and Healing

When I work with clients or teach The Anxiety Release Method, I include the ‘4 levels of health’:


Mental Health – Sensibility 

Emotional Health – Sentiment

Physical Health – Strength 

Spiritual Health – Sacred  


I believe that without all 4 components in balance, healing of any kind will be a temporary fix rather that a long-term resolution.


Spirituality is a buzz word that can often get misconstrued. Some believe that being spiritual is ‘cool’, however what many people don’t realise is that we are ALL spiritual. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 


To be ‘spiritual’ is to be conscious, to be aware, to be mindful, to be open and receptive. This means that it is an ever-evolving practice to stay connected to a source which is greater than you. Believing in God, energy, higher source, Allah, Buddha or whatever isn’t really relevant in the scheme...

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