The way that I treat anxiety is totally holistic. I look at many contributing factors in my clients and teach my ARM (Anxiety Release Method) practitioners to do the same.  Anxiety can be caused and impacted by so many different factors that I think it is ignorant  for us as therapists, to presume that anxiety just comes from childhood trauma or low self esteem.  Anxiety can be bought on by a variety of situations and and there is a variety of techniques that I use to help my clients and the clients of the practitioners that I train.


Many people totally overlook the impact that lifestyle has on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Lifestyle is absolutely imperative, when it comes to long lasting positive results with anxiety and depression.

I often ask my clients to create a food and movement diary, when I first start to see them.  This works as a super helpful tool to help me to understand what they are doing on a day to day basis, it also gives the...

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How Dare you?

How dare you really? Seriously honey, I know when you’re struggling the voice in your head is playing havoc with what you’re feeling and how you’re living your life! 

Honestly, would you talk to your best friend, the way that you talk to yourself?

No I don’t think so!


This is a question that I always ask my clients and I always get the same answer.  Of course we wouldn’t speak to anyone the way that we speak to ourselves. So, what makes us think that it is ok to speak to ourselves so badly? Its bloody ridiculous - let me tell you!

Most of the time I bet you won’t even realise that you are speaking to yourself in such a derogatory manner! 


If we have 60-80 thousand thoughts every day then how many of our thoughts do you think are  thoughts where you are being unkind to yourself?

How many thoughts are you having that you are saying horrible things to yourself? Judging yourself unnecessarily?


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Detox has been a topic of conversation for some time now. Many people argue that our organs are already great at detoxing the whole of the body and that is so correct.

WOW what an amazing job of taking care off our bodies our liver and kidneys do for us in terms of detoxifying! However, I firmly believe that to detoxify ourselves on a holistic level benefits us not only on a physical level but on a mental, emotional and spiritual level too.  

How do I know this?  

Because for the last 20 years I have been more than intrigued about how what we consume impacts our energy levels and ability to be the best version of ourselves possible -  and not just through what we eat and drink, but what we watch, listen to and absorb through our skin and our senses.

Anybody who knows me and my message will understand that it is my mission in life to help you to become the best version of yourself possible. You AND the rest of the world! :)

 WE are living in a toxic world! Period!...

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Christmas Anxiety - spending time with family!

Spending time with family can bring up all types of feelings, and if you are experiencing feelings of stress and anxiety anyway, then the thought of Christmas may be filling you with feelings of dread and worry.

Families can be wonderful and beautiful to share time with, yet spending time with the people closest to us can often bring up many challenges too.  

Picture this, your parents are a whole generation older than you and they really struggle to understand your model of the world, they think social media is awful, they have an opinion on how you’re living your life and they may even have an opinion about who you’re choosing to live your life with.  

You spend time with your folks around the holidays and their difference of opinions and ways of being and thinking make you feel even more disconnected than you already feel. That disconnection is what started your anxiety in the first place...

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Anxiety of overeating.

Christmas is known to be a time of over indulgence, of all things that are not too great for your waist line (or your pocket, as you may have read in my previous blog). If you’ve been spending time this year watching your weight, have been on a diet or have created healthier habits for yourself, then the thought of Christmas being around the corner can make you feel pretty stressed out. In fact, the thought of all the will power needed to walk past the constant overload of chocolates laid on by your well-meaning family/friends/colleagues can be pretty distracting… ask me how, I know! ;)

Maybe you have a different way of eating than the rest of your family and that brings up feeling of anxiety. YES, I have been here too. As a vegetarian since I was 16, I’ve had to endure years of ridicule at most family events which, if I wasn't such a strong-minded, stubborn sod could easily have affected me really negatively. And I will admit,...

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As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, anxiety often comes from a feeling of not having the ability to be in control.  Many things we cant control in life; the weather, time, other peoples reactions,  however, one thing that we can control, is how much we spend over the festive period.  

If you are already struggling with the feelings of anxiety then festive occasions can make you feel even worse, especially if your financial issues are already a concern.

 The thing that I believe is super important here, is to know that you can consciously take control of the situation which will not only make you feel like you are growing in strength, it can take so much unnecessary stress out of the spending situation and life in general.

What we  really need to do here is to be a little bit creative about the way that we look at where we think the money has got to go and I believe that by taking a practical view point on...

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Anxiety over having to attend social events

If you suffer with any the of social anxiety, any kind of festivities or social gatherings can feel like a total nightmare.  In fact you my feel like you want to put your head under the duvet and not come out until next year. 

This doesn’t have to be the case if you are able to understand what is really going on and  you're able over come the thoughts that are creating the feelings of anxiety.

Here are a few things that I have learned from working with hundreds of clients who have struggled with the symptoms of anxiety.

Social anxiety often comes from;

The fear of being judged - let me just tell you this; we are all so worried about what’s going on in our own heads and own lives, that we don’t have time to notice what is going on elsewhere, so the fear of what other people are thinking of us is pretty irrational.  I mean, are you judging what someone said at the last event you went to?...

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Who is more likely to suffer from Anxiety?

So, it is not just people who have had a traumatic child-hood or who have even suffered from some kind of adult trauma in their lives. Anxieties can hit those of us who are feeling uncertain in our lives.


Let me explain a little more about what anxiety really is; anxiety occurs where we represent time in our minds; when we ruminate about past events in our lives, we often feel what we know as guilt – anxiety. When we are uncomfortable in the present moment this is more about our current needs being unmet- anxiety. Now, if you really like to torture yourself then you like to plan out the worst case scenarios over and over in your head, of future events that may or may not happen – anxiety. In fact this is known as catastrophising yuk! I think that we can all relate to this.  This is the stuff that we need to learn how to transform and then we can consciously start to create our lives, we are creating them anyway so may as well do it consciously. As I teach my...

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