Boundaries: How to Avoid Feeling Guilty Over the Christmas Period

Guilt is a funny old emotion (and certainly NOT funny at all),  I talk about guilt a lot in my therapeutic coaching practice both with my 1-2-1 clients and my group coaching programmes as its one of those emotions that we all feel at some point in our lives. (FYI being a parent brings it on ten fold, seriously).

Most emotions are there to teach us something, however not guilt, it stands alone with shame as being pretty bloody useless and what I call: totally un-resourceful. 

This year with the current situation that we see ourselves in, guilt is going to be thrown all over the show as we are having to choose who we do and don’t spend xmas with.

Who will be in ‘the bubble’?

Who will you see and not see?

Will you feel bad if said person comes down with the flu the week after? 

Will you feel guilty over hugging granny when you’ve avoided it all year?

Gosh, as if Christmas is not hard enough we've now got to deal with all kinds of rules and...

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Navigating feelings of stress about money troubles

Financial stress can be incredibly hard and take its toll on us both mentally and physical. Carrying such a heavy burden can also start to impact our relationships with others. 

What's more, the more you worry about the problem, you may find the worse it gets. As often, when focussed on the negative, we fail to notice opportunities - this is what happens when we focus on lack and negativity, rather than abundance and positivity. If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, then you'll be well aware of this.

Through the principles of the Law of Attraction we understand that money worries come from a place of feeling like we do not have enough - a 'lack' mindset. If we want to manifest more of something, we must focus on having that very thing we are feeling the lack of. A great phrase to remember is 'what we focus on grows'. 

So, to manifest more wealth and abundance - we must focus on feelings of having both wealth and abundance (which is really tricky...

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How to overcome feelings of loneliness - especially at Christmas.

Isolation tips 💜
How to overcome feelings of loneliness (especially around the festive season).
Feel free to share this - and of course, contact me if you'd like to book in for 1:1 sessions with me - [email protected]
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Easy steps to conquering loneliness

December, and Christmas in particular, is a tough time of year for many, and this year seems to be on a whole new level in terms of the challenges that we are being faced with.

Being alone and loneliness are two totally different states of being, and while it is good to be alone - as that’s how we grow, recharge and connect with our true selves - for many people being alone can too easily turn into loneliness. 

Loneliness is something that can creep up on us in an unexpected way, like an unwelcome visitor, and make us feel utterly miserable for the entirety of its stay. 

The weird thing is about loneliness is that you don’t have to be alone to feel it. You can be in a room full of people. And the worst is being in a room full of people that are your family or friends and still feeling lonely.

Loneliness is often a state of mind - a mental and emotional state - rather than something physical.

Loneliness, as a short term emotion, can actually be...

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What you believe has the power to help or hinder

I spend my whole life talking about beliefs.

The more I get into it, the more I'm intrigued about what people believe and where them beliefs come from. More importantly, what behaviours stem from those very beliefs.

I would say that all behaviours stem from your belief system in one way or another, even down to what you eat, drink and how healthy your lifestyle is.

I wrote about this in my first book: Permanent Weight Loss.

Yep - your beliefs also normally determine your weight too. That may sound bizarre, but it's just the tip of the iceberg…

I have followed the work of Bruce Lipton for years and in his book - The Biology Of Belief - he tells us about how it is scientifically proved that each cell in our body changes slightly depending on what we are saying to ourselves.


This is where it gets interesting. 

If every single cell in your body is listening to what you are saying, this means that your truths (another word for your beliefs) are being repeated daily...

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There is a huge link between anxiety and bullying.


This week is anti-bullying week. 

I want to highlight the correlation between people that get bullied and anxiety.

Over 70% of children experience bullying of some sort during their school years. 

This can have a devastating impact on the life of the individual, and not just at the time it is happening, but for many years after.

There is a huge link between anxiety and bullying. 

Bullying in any situation is humiliating, hurtful and can leave a person with deep emotional scars.    

Many of my clients who I have treated for anxiety were bullied at some point, either at school or in the workplace, even some in the home. 

It's no surprise that bullying has a direct impact on a person's self esteem and self worth. 

If a child is bullied during their imprinting years, it creates or adds to their belief about themselves that they are not good enough. Every client that I’ve ever seen owns some kind of belief that they are not good enough or...

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What happens when you are bullied in the workplace?

What happens when you are bullied in the workplace?
Have you questioned - is it just me?
Am I imagining it?
Am I just being over sensitive?
Is this just the culture within my workplace? The Norm?
Trust me, you're not alone.
Bullying in your place of work can leave you feeling anxious, on edge, upset, paranoid, unworthy and more.
Worse, it can even start to affect your physical health too.
So, what can you do?I interviewed Talent Director Amber Burns about her experience with bullying in the workplace, how it affected her and her career and how she overcame it to run her own successful business.
Have you experienced bullying in the workplace?
Share your own experiences in the comments.
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The Importance of Connection for Wellbeing & a Healthy, Productive Life

Connection is everything.

But what does connection even mean, really?

Connection is something that we, as humans, need to survive. Connection to both self and others is one of the fundamental needs of any human being.

Connection with a community of like-minded people is also super important.

How we get this connection can be what I call 'resourceful' (positive) or 'unresourceful' (negative).

The thing with human needs is that, in order to meet them, we will go over and above what is important to us. We will over ride our own value system to make sure that our individual human needs are met.

Wild isn’t it?

Here is an example of how that could look in real life:

One partner is not feeling like they have connection to their loved one. If that persons needs of connection and love are not being met, no matter how much they think cheating is wrong, even if honesty is right at the top of their value list, they will potentially cheat if they feel that strong sense of connection coming...

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Low Self-Esteem and How it Affects Your Wellbeing


What is Self Esteem?

Self-esteem is how we value or fundamentally think about ourselves. When we think highly of ourselves then we have high self-esteem and when we think bad of ourselves we have low self-esteem. Now, this esteem stuff can vary depending on where we are in our lives. Often if we have had a challenging time then it can directly impact on our self- esteem and self-worth.


How self-esteem directly impacts your ability to manage stress and anxiety

If you already have the belief that you are not good enough, that you don’t deserve to be happy/healthy/wealthy, if you already have the belief that you are not loved or you are not worthy then these are the limiting beliefs that will create your day-to-day internal dialogue. You know - that little voice in your head that often shares way too much? J


You have 60-80 thousand thoughts every single day and on a daily basis those thoughts are...

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Let’s talk about bodies and how your relationship with your physical body plays a big part in your mental health.


Before I specialised in anxiety, my previous niche was weight loss, but not calorie counting and watching what you eat, cutting out vital food groups or any of that nonsense. I used to teach - and still do - about loving yourself back into shape.


I believe in being healthy and strong, living life and getting out of your own way so that you are really connected to your purpose and passion and in that moment, in that time and space. Your body will become happy and your weight will become healthy and you will feel like you can enjoy your life without obsessing over what you are consuming.


I have had lots on of clients whose mental health directly relates to body image.


I know too well the angst of feeling stressed and anxious because your body doesn’t look like it used to, or it could do or how the models look on social media. This...

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