How Forgiveness Impacts A Healing Journey

Let’s talk about forgiveness. WOW, it’s a biggy. One of the most touching things I’ve ever seen was a woman hugging and forgiving a murderer just as he was getting sent to prison to serve his time for the killing of her son. It moved me to tears.


Forgiveness is one of the golden thread principles that flows through all religions. I started introducing it into my therapy work a long time ago.


Forgiveness is something that requires daily or even weekly practice. It can transform anger, it can transform hurt, it can transform blame and also guilt and shame, especially when we forgive ourselves.


Forgiveness is powerful enough to transform anxiety (for all my anxiety warriors out there). Forgiveness is so powerful it can transform negative energy and with that it has the power to change lives. 


Psychologists generally define forgiveness as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance...

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Grounding A Busy Mind

Are you an over-thinker?

Does your mind run 1 million miles an hour?

Do you find that you’ve had moments of self-doubt which lead to anxiety?

Does your mind jump from thought to thought, ruminating over imaginary scenarios and events?

I am going to share some powerful tools to help you to stay grounded and help you to stay calm, focused and aligned.


When you are grounded you are more able to catch negative thoughts before they run riot with your emotions. Sound good? Yes! Bring it on..


For me, staying grounded is something that comes from daily practices. If you have a flighty mind, like me, then these daily practices make such a difference.


Many people are led to believe that they don’t have control of their own thoughts and feelings. Many believe that overthinking, anxiety and panic should be treated by a quick-fix magic pill which can have nasty side-effects. The truth is that YOU and your awesome body and mind have got the power to...

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How Mental Health Affects Physical Health

Back in the day, it was believed that your mind and body were two separate things. Science has now proved this to be totally false.

Your ‘body mind’ as Michael Bernard calls it, is one entity. Every cell of your body listens to everything you say and think, even unconsciously.


A person with multiple personality disorder (used to be known as schizophrenia) can experience different health conditions for their multiple personalities. So, one part of them may have diabetes and need insulin and the other personality may not. I find this fascinating and believe it is under documented.


Recently, there has been massive focus on physical health and much less regard for mental and emotional health which I think is wrong. Your body speaks your mind. Stress is the main cause of illness not bacteria, not viruses, STRESS. So, mastering stress management keeps your body healthy and vibrant.


I believe that understanding the link between mental and physical...

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Emotional Health

Why is it so important to understand emotional growth?


Emotional health isn’t about avoiding negative emotions, it’s about understanding and trusting our own resilience so that we can navigate our way through the challenges life brings.


Many people feel fear around growth and development because it may just unearth something that they are not ready to deal with…yet!


Emotional growth enables us to process and deal with our feelings in a way that is appropriate. Many of us were not taught about personal development and emotional growth as children. The subject of ‘personal development’ is a bit of a ‘new age’ topic and something that we haven’t been aware of until relatively recently. The fact that this may be a new concept does not make it any less important to ensure mental resilience and stability. There are so many challenges that life throws at us and without the ability to regulate our emotions we...

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Spirituality for Health and Healing

When I work with clients or teach The Anxiety Release Method, I include the ‘4 levels of health’:


Mental Health – Sensibility 

Emotional Health – Sentiment

Physical Health – Strength 

Spiritual Health – Sacred  


I believe that without all 4 components in balance, healing of any kind will be a temporary fix rather that a long-term resolution.


Spirituality is a buzz word that can often get misconstrued. Some believe that being spiritual is ‘cool’, however what many people don’t realise is that we are ALL spiritual. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 


To be ‘spiritual’ is to be conscious, to be aware, to be mindful, to be open and receptive. This means that it is an ever-evolving practice to stay connected to a source which is greater than you. Believing in God, energy, higher source, Allah, Buddha or whatever isn’t really relevant in the scheme...

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How Personal Development ruined my life!

Personal development ruined my life!

If you had been with me in May of 2000 you would have seen me in California, having the time of my life. I was travelling in a convertible Mustang with my best friend living a scene from Thelma and Louise (without the bad stuff!)

From the outside, I was a super outgoing, gregarious, young woman with the world at my feet. However, on the inside I had little self-belief and people would constantly take advantage of my trusting nature. Traditional methods of education don’t work with my brain, so in High School I created the belief that I was thick and stupid. I had the confidence to be outrageous yet no true inner-confidence.

On that trip I became close to the Kelly family. Robby introduced me to some insightful books including ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’. I became fast friends with his gorgeous sister who helped me discover ‘The Landmark Forum’, a 3 day seminar where I learnt more about myself than I ever thought...

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Confidence is something that we don’t really think much about, until we notice a lack of it, when it’s not there, when it got up and left us-just when we needed it the most!  


Many of my clients feel like they have zero or little confidence. Everyone has confidence but sometimes that confidence seems selective and only appears in certain segments of life.


I have seen clients who are successful in business yet totally lacking in confidence when it comes to relationship areas. I have seen amazingly confident mums really struggling with confidence in the workplace and super confident footballers who've lost their confidence temporarily because of a knock-back on the pitch.


Confidence can be like a fleeting super-power that is present one minute and then out the door the next! If you master the art of stepping into your own magnificence and growing your own confidence in a truly authentic way, with some hard work,...

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Asking For Help

It is Mental Health Awareness Week and so I am writing about asking for help.


Many of us, especially men, don’t like to ask for help. It is deemed weak and we think we can be seen as needy or less independent. BUT it’s time to let that misconception go. 


The idea that us Brits have a ‘stiff upper lip’, has left us more prone to mental health issues due to feeling alone, unsupported and sometimes totally misunderstood. As kids we should be taught to better understand our emotions, vocalise them and ask for help when we feel lost, overwhelmed, stuck or unable to make sense of what is going on. Imagine if we as a collective community were able to more easily say ‘hey, I am really struggling right now, can I ask you for help?’ What would become possible for you? For your family? For your children?


Connection/support is a human need and having the ability to ask for support when it’s needed can help to deepen...

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Lets talk about self-belief…


This is a big one, wouldn’t you agree?


What would you do if you had limitless self-belief? 


This is something I often ask my clients. I love asking this, because in that moment I see a twinkle in their eyes, as they lift their chins and access the creative part of their brain.


So, if you had limitless self-belief what would YOU DO?  


With self-belief you can literally achieve anything that you want to, eventually. With hard work you can be, do and have what you want. The sad thing is that most people live in a state of self doubt for most of their lives.


Self-belief is precious, without it you could end up giving up when things get tough or you get knocked down. Self-belief is imperative for fulfilment, progress and success in a challenging, competitive world.


You were born with self-belief and confidence, these two are deeply linked.


Do we say to our children...

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'Letting Go' of What No Longer Serves Us

‘Letting go' of what no longer serves us is a hot topic in the holistic world.


What do we mean and why is it so important?


I help my clients let go of their anxious thoughts and beliefs so they can create a life that they love and a life that they deserve. We all deserve to have a rich, fulfilled, amazing and joyful life but most people don’t realise it, don’t believe that they are worthy of it or feel that they don’t deserve it!


Anxiety, depression and mental limitations stop us from truly shining our light, to its fullest. These disempowering states prevent us from being the magnificent beings that we were brought forth to be.


I work with the law of attraction, both with myself and my clients and until you let go of what is stopping you, what is holding you back then I’m afraid to say you will never get to where you want to be. Harsh? Maybe. But true.


Something that no longer serves you could be an unfulfilling...

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